Hi everyone Well my second set of blood results have shown that i have vitamin d deficiency. My gp said this could be the cause of my symptoms so has put me on supplements but so far no difference. In addition to my other symptoms my legs are now really painful and yesterday they went numb. Feeling really down at the moment just want to feel normal again but i can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Claudette x

Hello Claudette x you are so not alone in how you feel xxxx all you can do is pick yourself up, be a brave soldier and keep on fighting!

How long have you been on the Vitamin D for and how much has he prescribed? xxxjenxxx

Poor you. Hope the Vit D starts to make a difference soon.


Would be really nice if this sorts you out in the long term :slight_smile: fingers crossed for you hope the treatment works.


Hi everyone Thanks for your support. I have been on it for two weeks 10000 units a week. Hopefully it will kick in soon but i am so anxious about these new symptoms. I don’t know wheter to go back to my gp and tell him or wait a while longer and see if these tablets work. Claudette x