Low bit D and ms signs. Please help me

Hi everyone I posted on here a few days back. Since giving birth about 12 weeks ago iv been having lots of problems. Pins and. Needles, off balance . Vertigo, pain behind eye. Extreme nausea 3 days of not been able to move or walk cos legs stiff and heavy. Twitch in cheek, sharp pains through head and sever constipation. I had a letter come through for a ct head scan and went back to see her yesterday and I spoke of my concerns. And mentioned about how if seen about Vit D on here , she had done two full blood counts over past 4 weeks and were all fine but no direct blood check for vit D . I requested I had one and today received a call to say they r low and I need to star Vit D straight AwAy. She put my MRI through so should get that soon. Is this a common sign in early diagnosis? Link with Vit D and early diagnosis? X

Hi there,

This is a bit of a complicated one.

Low vitamin D is common in people with MS, but is NOT one of the diagnostic indicators, as it’s quite common in the population at large too, and to confuse things further causes symptoms very similar to those of MS.

So if you have been diagnosed as having “very low” Vitamin D (even by NHS standards, which are themselves pretty low and out-of-date) it’s entirely possible your symptoms are caused by Vitamin D deficiency in its own right. It does not mean you necessarily have MS too, even though a lot of people do have both.

The MRI result should be much more informative than your vitamin D reading - which, by itself, means nothing - except that you are short of vitamin D.

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Just had phone call from doc who now isn’t gonna send referral to neuro cos my bit d is off scale low! But I’m still feeling quite upset by this as surely it’s best to edge on side of precaution ?

Looking on the bright side, if you have a severe vitamin deficiency, it would make sense to try treating it, before assuming anything more sinister, as it may explain everything!

I’d be a bit more concerned if they hadn’t found anything else wrong, because a vitamin deficiency would be a fairly positive outcome, and readily treatable. With a bit of luck, that’s all it is. Give the supplements a chance.

I don’t know how long it should take to see any improvement, but if levels are “off the scale low” it’s not at all surprising you wouldn’t be feeling well. It might be that, and nothing else.