Info re hbot please asap

Hi, please can I get some replies asap, as my brother in law is urging me to listen!

He has just been talking to someone in the NHS…dunno what they actually do…who told him he works somewhere with ms and other people who have lost their mobility. They use hbot and they have regained their mobility totally!!!

Now I know many members here use it and feel the benefits. BUT have you or anyone you know actually got out of their wheelchair and walked, after years of total immobility?

I did read up on it years ago, but my ms nurse at the time (it was way back when I had been wrogly dx’d with ppms), didn’t think it would help me, so I didn’t persue it.

So please can I get some replies please, then I can tell my brother in law?

Ta muchly, pollx

my mum tried it back in the 1980s. (i guess?)

it did nothing for her. which was disappointing.

however, her sessions were with another person, who had to be helped from wheeled chair to chamber at the start of the session. but by the end of the therapy, they would literally run out of the chamber!

this doubled my parent’s disappointment. but clearly there is a select few who enjoy significant benefit. definitely worth a go! don’t you think?

I have been using the Airnergy Thereapy it’s not quite the same, as in I’m not in a chamber for oxygen but is a portable device with a bottle of filtered water, the air is passed through it and in turn is converted into oxygen with energy which is then breathed in through a nasel device, it’s meant to energise you with anti oxidants and is used by certain sportsmen before they perform in their sport etc. It has been reported that people have had good results after using this for many months,some people with Ms and some with other conditions, however I have only been using it since middle of May so maybe to early to tell if it’s been working for me or not. You can hire them at. Some therapy centres for 20minute sessions I believe the cost is about £20 a time.

I hope this helps x


I do hate to say this, but I think it’s fantasy land.

I know relatives (usually) mean well, but although he doesn’t intend to be, it’s almost heartless of your BiL to try to persuade you there’s some cheap and easy therapy that would have you up and walking, when you haven’t been able to for years.

There is no compelling scientific evidence for HBOT as a therapy for MS (or HSP, as the case may be). Like most alternative therapies, the best that can be said is that some people feel it has improved some symptoms.

I’ve never heard a verified story (well actually, any story) of HBOT being a miraculous cure for anyone who hadn’t been able to walk for years.

Do I think it’s worth a try? Frankly, no, if your hope is that you would walk again, as I reckon the chances are zero, and it could only end in tears.

If you had much more modest hopes that it might provide mild improvements in some symptoms, and wouldn’t be too disappointed if it didn’t, then it might be worth an experiment, but my understanding is they usually want you to commit to at least ten sessions, so even if the individual sessions are inexpensive, having to commit to a block of ten could be quite a significant outlay.

I don’t mean to sound negative - every therapy has its devotees. I guess some people must get something out of it - the same as anything else, like acupuncture, for example. But if it was achieving Biblical-style miracles, I guarantee it would have been headline news by now, and neuros would be swarming all over it.

Contrary to what some conspiracy theorists believe, I don’t think they have a vested interest in keeping us ill, and suppressing information about “cures” that already exist. I think my neuro would be as excited as me if he thought I could just toddle along to a few HBOT sessions, and problem solved! I trust him, and don’t believe he would keep it from me if he thought there was a realistic chance it might work.

I think he’d love to see a cure, and I don’t think it would put him out of a job, because neurology doesn’t begin and end with MS. If MS (or HSP) was wiped out tomorrow, we wouldn’t see hundreds of redundant neurologists. There are plenty of neurological problems apart from MS, and definitely not enough neuros to go round, so those who chose to specialise in MS might have a slight change of career direction, but they definitely wouldn’t end up unemployed.




Poll, lf you live near to a MS Therapy Centre - with a Hyperbaric Chamber - then go and try it. My brother was a professional deep-sea diver for many years. l asked him about using HBOT - and he said - ‘‘No matter what is wrong with you - it will make you feel better’’ - lt can’t make you any worse!

l think the course of treatment means you need to go frequently. And l would have thought a MS Centre would only charge what you could afford. l live too far from one- which is the only reason l have not ventured into trying it.

lt is something to try - and you could be the lucky one to benefit from it. Everything is worth trying -


You may find this useful:

I have HBOT once a week, it may be helping with some symptoms but who knows? As somebody with progressive MS, I figure I’ve not got anything to lose and it’s not doing any harm.

It’s amazing how you can find any anecdotal evidence for any miracle cure. I am sure somebody out there has been miraculously cured by eating dog sh**!

I would always say HBOT is worth a try but it’s not going to fundamentally change the course of this disease.



Thankyou everyone. It seems only Paolo has said someone his mum knew, regained their mobility. But that was a story passed down and may or may not be exactly what happened. By this I mean Paolo said they were helped into the chamber

so maybe that suggest they had some mobility…I have none and cant weightbear at all.


i have an ms therapy centre right on my doorstep,i am going to get my a*** into gear and go have a look round,i have been thinking for a long time, i wouldnt mind giving HBOT a go.and i have heard the centres are good for meeting others too,and having a chat and a coffee.

J x

Hi again, just been talking to an HSP facebook buddy. She is quite knowledgable about the condition, as she has had it for many years.

She has explained that our condition is caused by mutant genes, of which there are over 60 possibles! There is a big difference with that and what causes MS. So it is very different problem, although it does share some of the symptoms.

She has assured me that HBOT will not change the course of hSP.

Her reply has answered my question.


I’ve been using HBOT for 10 years now. Definitely helps me with the bladder and with fatigues. Hasn’t helped the legs at all