Oxygen therapy

Hi All I have been reading about oxygen therapy And that it can really help with symptoms such as Head pain dizziness and pins and needles . Has anyone tired it before and does it help ?? I’m ready to try anything for even a little bit of relief from theses troublesome symptoms .

There is no evidence that HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) helps with MS, but there is some mixed evidence that it helps with spasticity and bladder problems (so there is also evidence that it doesn’t). Tbh, it doesn’t really matter. If you try it and you find that you feel better, then it’s worth it.

There are all sorts of things available at the MS Therapy Centres that offer HBOT (e.g. physio, counselling, reflexology, etc), plus it can be a great place to meet other MSers.

Don’t have overly raised expectations mind - you may find it doesn’t help your MS.

Karen x

Thanks Karen . U have been great , I have had more help and advice from you today than I have from anywhere else in the last 2 year. I’m so glad I found this forum :slight_smile: x

i’ve been going for HBOT for 2 years. the effects for me are very subtle although the others who go swear by it. we filled in a questionnaire at the beginning and then again after the first 6 months - that’s when i realised that it was having a good effect.

i haven’t been for the last 3 weeks because i have a really bad cold that i just can’t shake off. if i were to go now i’d be in agony from my ears. i’m going to go later this week just to see all the friends i have there now.

there aren’t very many centres that offer it. where do you live? i go to manchester (trafford) and people come from 2 counties away.

good luck

carole xxx

Hi Sarah

I have been going for HBOT at the unde center for nearly 2 years I have found it has helped with some symptoms, mainly bladder and tingling. I like the center as it offers more than just HBOT. Before I started to attend I knew very little about ms and felt quite alone . They offer help and support.

The best therapy I have had for my head tingling and pain has been accupuncture which I get from my MS nurse every 6/8 weeks. This usually lasts for a few weeks then creeps back

Hi Carole & murraygrant Thank u both of replies , I live in Coventry and there is a therapy centre here which does all forms of treatment . I’m sailing blind still here I was diognosed with RRMS in 2010 since then I haven’t recovered from the relapse that brought about my Dx. I have been left very off balance i walk to the left hand side and have numbness down left side of body and constant dizziness. And pain on the top of my head, I can not touch it at all . It was all kind of thrown on me but have found had no help or advice on what to do to help relieve such symptoms . I’m so greatful of any advice given . Have either of you suffered from the head pain?? Was hoping maybe the oxygen therapy might help relieve that , will def look into the acupuncture now also . Im sorry to hear you are poorly at the moment Carole , I hope you get over it soon . Sarah :slight_smile: x x x

Hi Sarah

I have had head pain for about 15 yrs and tingling since 1975 I only got my DX 2 yrs ago Docs always found and excuse or reason for my problems . I got my DX after losing the sight in my right eye. It has recovered ( not complete ). Accupunture has been the best for my head When the needle that goes into the the top of my head its like a switch. Only wish it would last longer or I could get it more often. Have been thinking about finding if I can do it myself ( need to speak to my nurse if I remember) Ha Ha !!! Anyway I get my accupunture tomorrow Hurrah !!! and HBOT right after that

I suffer from chronic pain in my head, eyes, torso,grion and lower legs and used to go for a lidocaine infusion. This worked great the first time . i felt like superman with no pain for about 4 days then crash it all came back with a bang and into deep depression for weeks. I had the treatment about 4 times then stopped as I could not handle the feeling of no pain for a few days then the big downer when it all came back. I find it easier just to live with the pain

When I started the HBOT I did 20 sessions (or dives as we call them) then I go once a week ( would like to go more often but time and cost is the prob) The Dundee center charges an annual membership fee of about £8 or £10 and then it costs £7 a time after that. if you want any more info please ask and I hope you get the help you need soon You can also look up Sarah Martin on the net and see if the therapy method she uses would help, many of the people i have come into contact with use this type of therapy cheers Murray

Hi Murray That is shocking that you have suffered for so many years and only a Dx 2 years ago. I guess in a way I have been lucky ( well lucky prob not the best word but best I could come up with with this brain fog !! ) Lol. I got my Dx By chance and within 6 months of my symptoms as the ENT sent me for a MRI and it came back with the dreaded lesions on it !! I hadn’t even really heard of MS so it was a shock to say the least that was 2 years ago now . I’m very greatful for your advice and I’m going to look into the acupuncture would be amazing to get rid of even a little bit of this head pain . Its such a massive help having people like yourself to talk to it some how makes you feel so not alone . I have support from my family they have been great . But I didn’t realise how talking to fellow Msers really does help . I do hope your acupuncture helps you tomorrow and gives you a little bit of relief . I’m going to call our therapy centre tomorrow and give it ago too . Thanks again Sarah :slight_smile: x