HBOT Experiences

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading alot about HBOT recently. I have contacted my local MS Therapy Centre and am in the process of getting booked in. I know it’s pretty hit and miss if it works. But I’ve read that it works pretty well in young (I’m 25) recently diagnosed (July '11) RRMS sufferers (yep, I tick that box too… Sadly) I just wanted to hear of different experiences, the good and the bad. I read the other day that if it works it’s a big commitment, ideally once a week for the forseeable. Thanks guys, Suz xx

Hi Suz,

When I first went for oxygen, I couldn't see - two separate bouts of ON damaged the optic nerve in one eye, and I couldn't see at all out of the other eye.  After my first session in the tank, I could read text messages for about an hour, and it gradually built from there.  I go once a week and I find that it can help if I have relapses or annoying symptoms.  The best thing about going is that you're amongst other people who understand what you're going through, you don't have to explain yourself so much because they already know.  The centre I go to in Aberdeen also offers physio and reflexology - I get reflexology every fortnight and I think that helps too - recently I fell awkwardly and twisted the muscles in my back, but it was much better after my visit to my reflexologist, apart from anything else, I find the reflexology very relaxing.

I hope you find some benefit from the oxygen,

Luisa x

Hi Suz

I have been going weekly for 9 years since dx. I started 2 weeks after dx.

I find it useful for fatigue management & to assist during relapses. I find if i miss a couple of sessions then i feel more tired & other symptoms.

My centre ( is great for meeting & chatting to other msers. We put the world to rights and have a laugh. I have made good friends there.

You dont have to go once a week but it is probably more effective if you do. The BIG committment is 15 sessions on the trot to start with to get the oxygen into you system.

I would always say give it a go to see if it is good for you.

Many centres offer other facilities like massage, reflexology etc.

Take care


Hi Suz

I go once a week and it has definitely helped with my oxygen absorption.  Before I started going I was always going blue or a deathly shade of pale, but now I'm relatively pink. 

The first sessions are the most difficult but only because you have to go daily for about two week but after that its been easier because I go for a top up once a week. 

Its a bit boring sitting there with an oxygen mask on and the pressure can sometimes hurt the ears (a bit like going up ot down in a plane).  But I bring a book along and its worth it for the benefits I feel.  I also take vitimin D and inject Vitimin B12.

Anyway I think its worth a try and I hope it helps you.

Best wishes, Mary



I have been having HBOT once a week since the beginning of April


In my case I would say the benefits are marginal, however I have had more energy since I started. The scarring on my optic nerve (from ON) has also healed since starting HBOT, though that may be coincidence.


As you know HBOT is provided by the MS Therapy Centres, they are brilliant and not only provide HBOT but a host of other treatments including physio, massage, counselling, reflexology, yoga. They also provide a social venue for people with MS, some of whom just go there for a chat. The atmosphere at the centre I go to is always cheerful and people are always laughing and joking.


I have a lot of time for the Therapy Centres, as a charity they operate on a shoe string but provide a brilliant service.


The HBOT is a time commitment but I would recommend giving it a try if you can, it is unlikely to do you any harm


Good Luck



Thank you so very much for sharing. I’m of the opinion that anything is worth a go. I could really do with some help with fatigue. Staying up until 10.30 makes me feel like I’m burning the candle. I appreciate people suffer alot more than me. I’d like to feel sort of normal :slight_smile: Thanks again guys, Suz xx

I have no experience of HBOT but I am fairly sceptical. This was in the paper here in Melbourne earlier this week

Have a read





I'm also sceptical about HBOT - there really isn't any decent supporting scientific evidence - but it seems to be safe and some people say it helps them so if you can afford it, then why not?!

Karen x