ms therapy centre

hi to all the limbo landers and the newbies

just thought i’d post a recommendation for the ms therapy centres.

these are seperate from the ms society groups and not as plentiful.

a great place to meet other pwms and some great therapies at subsidised cost.

high dose oxygen therapy (HDOT), physio, massage, crystallight therapy, reiki are some of the therapies offered

courses such as feldenkreiss, mindfulness meditation

exercise classes - pilates, yoga, tai chi

i wish i’d known about trafford ms therapy centre when first diagnosed.

i also go to my local ms society get togethers.

Hi Carole,

This is interesting as I have recently discovered an MS Therapy Centre in Bristol which I’m tempted to visit for Oxygen Therapy. I spoke to my MS Nurse about it yesterday and she seems to think it would be beneficial. I’ve contacted them and am awaiting a membership pack but I’m seriously thinking about trying it. Have you tried the oxygen therapy at all?


hi sarah

i used to go for HDOT regularly but i now have a sinus problem and it hurts like F*"/?$, well it hurts a lot!

give it a try sarah because its great.

take something to read because its one hour and chatting isnt possible with oxygen mask on.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thanks for that, very helpful. Think I’ll definitely give it a go.


Just a word of caution so your expectations aren’t unrealistically high. There is no evidence that HBOT treats MS despite a fair bit of study. It may help some people with spasticity, bladder problems and fatigue, but the evidence isn’t very convincing. Saying that, nothing ventured, nothing gained! An hour’s oxygen fuelled rest may do you the world of good and the companionship and access to the other therapies at the Centre may be excellent. Karen x