HBOT treatment

Has anyone tried this? If so what improvements if any did you have. Is it something available on NHS or does it need to be done privately? Thanks.


I have been having HBOT for over 2 years now. I wouldn’t say any improvements have been huge, possibly my bladder is better behaved and possibly I have more energy (I say possibly becuase of course you don’t know how you’d be without the HBOT). With progressive MS as it’s unlikely to be doing any harm, I figure I’ve got nothing to lose.

The HBOT is provided by my local MS Therpay Centre. I have a lot of time for them. They are a charity and operate on a shoestring to provide a range of services to people affected by MS, not the least of which is social contact (cups of tea/coffee are free). There is also a long list of treatments which are provided at a very reasonable cost including physio, reflexology, yoga, counselling to name but a few. I would really recomend the Therapy Centres even if you decide not to try HBOT

The Therapy Centres are independant of the MS Society and can be found at:****

I am not aware of HBOT being provided on the NHS.

Good Luck!


Thanks for the info.

Most MS Therapy Centres offer HBOT.

Of two friends, one tried it and said “Never again”, and the other has it on a regular basis.
I decided against it on account of it’s possible effects on the eyes (I do have an incipient cataract which I do not want to get any worse). None of the other potential risks would have been enough to put me off, and the potential benefits did look attractive.

Read up on it and decide if you want to pay a few pounds for it.


Hi, I have been going to HBOT once a week for 4 years and it has definitely been of benefit to me. Before I started going my colouring was purple/blue and blotchy or deathly pale (lips, face, arms, legs, body, nails). People were always asking me if I was alright, now I’m a more norm normal pinkish colour and life is easier as I don’t have to say yes I’m fine thank you all the time. It only costs a few pounds and I’d certainly recomend it.

Why not go along to an MS therapy centre and discuss it with them then you could give it a go and see if it benefits you too. If you don’t think it is doing you any good you can stop using it - the thing is you don’t know unless you try. It might not be useful to some people with MS (we all have similar and different variations of MS) but it might be useful to others. Additionally it is a source of social contact where you can talk about anything without the fear of people not understanding.

Hope this helps, Mary :slight_smile:

Hi, Our centre offers 5 x 1 hour sessions free, then 15 sessions at £5. Thereafter £11.50 per session. The reason for the price structure is that it is recommended that you have 20 sessions over a four week period and then once a week thereafter. The 4 week session is quite intense and is exhausting. Very popular though at our local centre (Canterbury). A agree with Anne that the Centres are very worthwhile. All the best, Peter.

Yes I’m going to contact them next week. Do you think it can improve mobility?

hi louie

i dont know about improved mobility but it speeds up healing so that cant be bad.

i go to trafford ms therapy centre and they offer group physio sessions, pilates, t’ai chi and other stuff that is good for mobility.

give it a try, theres nothing to lose.

carole x


I have been having HDOT for 10 years at the West Yorkshire centre.

It helps me with fatigue & pain, which through increased energy helps my mobility.

I find if i miss a few sessions then i feel worse with more pain & fatigue.

I would say to anyone to give it a try. It’s not for everyone and only you will know if it helps.

take care