What is the normal procedure ?

I should know the answer but can`t remember. So I had a MRI on Saturday. Do I have to make a follow up appointment or will one be sent to me ?

Who referred you, GP or Neurologist? I would assume you would get a letter or phone call from the referring doctor. Although when I had my MRI the results were normal so I didn’t hear anything. I waited a few months and then phoned GP.

Hi Cherry Tree, thanks for your reply.

Referred by Neurologist. It would make sense that I will get a letter with an appointment but maybe I shall ring them for confirmation. I doubt my results will be normal.

I assume from reading some of your other posts that you’ve had a previous MRI with an abnormal result? I wonder what their issue with diagnosing you is. Best of luck anyway.

Hi Cherry Tree

Ive had two MRIs in the last couple of years. I was first diagnosed with RRMS then that changed to PPMS. Now they`re not sure hence the MRI.

I`m not getting any younger to play this silly game.

After having an MRI I get a letter a couple of weeks later from the neurologist to see him.

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Thankyou for that.

Triggered my tiny memory.

They showed me my last scan. I looked closely at it and inquired " What`s that little thing there ?"

The Neurologist replied " That`s your brain."

I was lost for words.

I just rang the Neurology department and made an appointment for my results. They will then send a confirmation letter.

Just as well really as it was down to me to arrange the follow up appointment…

Must be different systems around the country.

eenie meenie miney mo.

Yes must be different around the country :slight_smile: