Confused after MRI. Please help.

Symptoms of numbness and tingling began in July. I was referred to a neurologist who said based on exam and the small areas of altered sensation she would be surprised if I had MS but that she would send me for an MRI to check out what was going on. She told me she would write to me with the results and wouldn’t see me again. The follow-up letter she sent to my GP says as much too. I had the MRI last weekend. Today I have received a form appointment letter with a neurology appointment for Jan! No further info. Feeling confused and scared as I assume this means bad news? I expected to get the results of the MRI - do you think this would be coming separately or do they want to see me in person first? Any advice appreciated. The neurologist sent me away telling me not to worry so this has come as a shock.

before giving a diagnosis of ms, it is usual to have further tests.

VEP - visually evoked potentials - is one.

so calm yourself down and wait for the appointments to come through.

why oh why do they tell us not to worry?

anyway don’t worry!!


Seems odd. But then, that’s neurologists for you. Chances are you will get a separate letter giving some feedback from the MRI as well as this repeat appointment. But you could wait a couple of weeks for that. The appointment might even have been set in progress before the neurologist has considered the results of the MRI.

Usually an MRI is commented on by a radiologist before being looked at by the neurologist. The neurologist would then consider it, rub their chin a bit, stare out of the window for inspiration, finally dictate a letter which then gets typed by their secretary (I have no idea why the neurologist can’t type their own letters!) The letter then eventually reaches you a few weeks after the MRI with a comment at the bottom, ‘checked but sent unsigned for speed’!!!

If you only had your MRI last weekend, chances are the neurologist hasn’t even got to the chin rubbing stage yet.

What you could do is phone her secretary and ask about the results of the MRI and a letter explaining these. And of course you can ask why the neurologist said she wouldn’t expect to see you again, but then you’ve been sent a new appointment.


Thanks both for your replies. Sue, thanks so much for that explanation of the process and helpful suggestions! I’ll wait for a further letter and call if nothing comes.