MRI results process

Hi All,

What happens when you are diagnosed and have had a regular checkup MRI?

Do you need to ring your GP? does the Neurologist/MS nurse write to you to tell you the results? Or do you get a follow up appointment with the Neurologist by default?

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Usually the consultant will write to your GP with the results, but at the same time you receive a copy of that letter. Thats what happens when ever I see my consultant and he has results or something that he wants my GP to know about.

As for follow up’s with consultant, well that will depend on the results, but lets say for instance your symptoms got a bit worse and you are sent for an MRI, which is exactly the case that I’m going through right now, I’ve already been told in last meeting that I most probably have had a relapse and progressed to next stage, all this is not really confirmed by an MRI it’s your own symptoms and how they’ve changed over time or suddenly, this is what defines a relapse or progression, however within this time your consultant may or may not arrange an MRI ?

In my case I saw the consultant today for a follow up, 6 weeks after seeing him and being put on steroids as he thought I might of relapsed when i last saw him 6 weeks ago.

Today after seeing him he has now arranged an MRI, basically because its a year since last having one, but also theres been a change in my symptoms over the last 12 months, particularly the last 6 months, but DONT expect an MRI every time you feel a change, it just dont happen like that.

Personally I think it all depends on how your MS clinic and consultant work as a department.

I only see my consultant or MS nurse if theres a BIG change in symptoms, regular follow up’s or scans do not happen unless something changes in my condition, however you might find on herev that other people under different consultants might have yearly meetings AND perhaps MRI’s ?

Hi Ive just had about my 10 th mri and just had the call from the go that he would like me to come in to discuss the results show, however can’t get an appt for another fortnight you would think that the girls on the desk think we have nothing else to worry about and could try and squeeze us in somewhere…

In the past, I’d typically have an appointment with my neurologist, he’d arrange for an MRI which I’d go for. Then I’d hear nothing for a while. Then I’d get a copy letter sent from the neurologist to my GP regarding my neuro appointment. Then another couple of months go by. Then another copy letter from the neurologist to the GP with regard to the MRI. At which point he’d generally say, no significant change, or small foci change, blah blah, no action.

In a way it’s a bit like:

  • have an MRI
  • hear nothing
  • ​get a letter nothing changes


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies. I was asked to go to have an MRI because I had asked for one and also because I started tecfidera and they wanted a recent MRI for monitoring my progress whilst taking Tec. My last one before this was last May.

I haven’t had anything significant happen to me in terms of relapsing since my last MRI. But of course I’m curious as to whether there has been progression on the MRI.

I guess I’ll wait for a letter, I did ask my GP, who said, ‘ if there was something wrong, they would have contacted us’. I could have punched him. LOL

In any case, I thought they give you yearly MRIs… clearly not. I don’t mind too much, I have a very hard time in the machine. It’s just horrible !

thanks again !