MRI results process

Hi Everyone,

I have a random question about the MRI results process, once you have already been diagnosed.

I had an MRI a few weeks ago, just a random one (not to do with diagnosis).

Do you automatically get a follow up appointment with your Neurologist, during which he discusses results, or do you need to ring your GP to get them ? Or do you receive a letter?

Just to make it clear- I am already diagnosed and on Tecfidera and have a designated Neurologist and MS nurse etc.

I feel like I should probably post this on everyday living, but I still feel quite ‘newly’ diagnosed, if that makes sense!

Thanks in advance for your help.


hi emily

you are right to question everything.

when i was diagnosed i still had a semblance of a working brain.

however i didn’t ask enough questions and therefore i don’t know the answer to your questions.

it annoys me because at one time i would have known a lot.

so now i consider myself a dummy! duh!!

use it or lose it

carole x

Hi Emily

I’d expect that if there’s been little change on the scan, to receive a copy letter which your neurologist will ordinarily send to your GP.

It’s only if there’s been much change that the neurologist might call you in for another appointment. Maybe to discuss your disease modifying drug if it’s not as effective as it should be.

This answer is based on my experience, your local services might be different. You could phone or email your MS nurse, or ring your neurologists secretary to check.

But post questions wherever you feel they are most appropriate.


Hi Sue,

Thanks so much for your response.

I did receive a letter actually, calling me in for a follow up. So I am a bit worried. But at the same time, maybe the Neurologist just wants to see me anyway. I am trying not to stress about it at the moment. I started taking Tec in January only, so the scan I had in February, was done as you are supposed to have a recent scan when you start taking Tec, as a comparison, I believe. (I am sure you know much better than me, having been on Tec yourself, I seem to remember reading that in one of your posts).

Let’s see what happens !


Just don’t worry about it Emily. If it’s to see how you’re faring on Tecfidera, then it’ll be OK. If there was anything wrong with your bloods etc, they’d phone you. So it isn’t likely to be an urgent thing. It sounds like it’s a good practice thing, just to check up on your progress. And if by any chance it anything had popped up on your MRI to prompt the appointment, clearly it’s nothing you can either feel or do anything about. Just wait to see what the doctor has to say. Sue