What is art? that age old Question

well I can tell you anything that I do aint art but I am loving my new hobby painting but boy oh boy it is mentally exhausting trying to paint a straight line when you suffer from spasms. Read about my fun and frolics with a paint brush.


Dull and dismal here in Margate, I hope the rain holds off as Heather is taking grandson number two along to a firework display at Minster Village green tonight the other two are doing kick boxing and are getting to see a dispay tomorrow.


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Hi Don

So glad the vehicle is making your life so much easier, mine is a godsend, wouldn’t be without it. Sounds as though you had a really enjoyable day, plus getting fresh air will hopefully help with sleeping.

We have had heavy rain all morning, but it has now stopped, and although no sun, looks lighter now.

Pam x

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Good for you Don!
I’m going to an art class. I trained as a graphic designer in the 70’s, but the skills I learnt then don’t seem to be of any use for the sort of painting I want to do now. So I’ve stopped arguing with my teacher now and just listen to what she’s got to say because I’ve decided she knows more about art than I do.

I’m currently doing a still life of a jam jar, half full of water with two paint brushes in it using acrylic washes. Art doesn’t get any more cutting ege that this.

Yours (artfully),


P.S. I tried to post this on your blog, but apparently I’ve got an invalid top range domain name, what that is.

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Do a Google search for disabledDon blogspot and should get it


Hello Don.

I did the search thing and read your article. I’m not sure if I posted a comment. (Mashed potato head as usual.) But if I had posted a comment it would have been along the lines of my attendance to a local art class for the last fifteen months has been a major part of my renaissance. It took a while to get to know the teacher but we ended up making great strides with my art. Unfortunately, because I used a manual chair, the other people in the class would fight to push me around. Then at the end of the session when we gathered to look at everyone’s work, the triumphant pusher would lean on my chair. I had to stop.

Keep up the painting.


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Don, What a great blog. I am so pleased you can get out and about so much more and so easily. It opens up the world to you again. Keep trucking and blogging and thank-you for making me smile. Enjoy your weekend. Anne X

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Great blog, Don! The new JMW Turner

My sister bought me some water colours a year or so ago and I confess I haven’t touched them. I used to paint a little bit, and did a few oils as well, but haven’t done an for 30 years or more. I guess I’m afraid of being frustrated by not being able to use a brush like I used to.

But you’ve got me thinking I should try. Acrylics could be the answer- bright and bold.


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Art, like beauty…is in the eye of the beholder!


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Poll this beholder sees stuff to be donated to the council’s hole filling scheme and the hole I mention is the big one in the ground namely the corporation tip not a hole on the wall of the local art gallery.


Hi Don, great news about the new car. These things make life so much easier and more enjoyable.

Great about the painting too. Someone else mentioned Turner…he lived in your neck of the woods didn’t he? And Tracy Emin…although I prefer Turner myself.

I do needlepoint tapestry. I have one wall-hanging and two cushions finished and currently working on a new one which is exact copy of one designed and stitched by Mary Queen of Scots. It’s a cat and a mouse…the cat being Elizabeth I and the mouse being Mary herself. Not very subtle symbolism.

Bright and sunny here today but cold.

All the best,

Pat xx

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I haven’t been out at all today but Heather went to church for the early service and was frozen as she got me dressed. She went out lunch time with grandson 2 teaching him to ride his bike and they were cold when they returned so I was pleased I stayed inside. The weather forecast is on and shows frost this week but my mate in France has snow so at least we can be thankful that it’s not snowing. Brrrr!