Those local class things.

Hello everyone.

You know when your nearest and dearest is hinting that you may benefit from getting out of the house on a regular business and could possibly enrol for a class of some sort. Well after ages of dithering I finally did it. I’m now doing a life drawing/portrait class. The first one was today. Will it be good for me? Will I keep it up? (I hope so; it cost £300!) I was absolutely cream crackered when I got in though. Oh well here goes. We’ll see what happens after twelve weeks.

Best wishes. Steve


What a great thing to do Steve. Well done you.

Yes I bet it’s exhausting but hopefully the advantages will be worth it!

Pat xx

Sounds brilliant Steve! What a great thing to do. Reminds me that my sis gave me a lovely set of pencils and a small set of watercolours for my birthday last year, and I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t picked them up yet.

It is amazing what is on offer in these classes- it’s a fantastic resource.

Well done Steve. Have you found the course through your local adult learning service? I went on a few courses through mine and really enjoyed them, and they have so many to choose from. As I’m on benefits thanks to this lovely illness, I got a discount so it was affordable. I met some lovely people and learnt some new techniques for my hobbies. I was shattered after every session too, but it was worth it.

I hope you keep it up and enjoy it. Who knows, you might become a well known artist soon.

Cath x

Steve thats brilliant! i’m so pleased…sometimes we need a push…Lee is always good at making sure i get out of my comfort zone I know if i didn’t get out i could soon go into a depression and think of all the things that i can no longer do anymore…Iv’e been a lot better since doing the voluntary work. I’m sure you will be tired but its kind of a happy fulfilled tiredness… take care enjoy your course but make sure you get extra rest for a day or two after.

Michelle x

Nice one Steve, sounds good man! Hope it goes well & you really enjoy it & being out of the house for a decent change of scenery. Duno if this forum allows pics to be uploaded - but if it does… You’ll need to post us a couple photos of your art work! Happy drawing!