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Hi Everyone.

I haven’t been around much but not because I don’t care or think about you all, I just don’t really think of myself as a person with ms and ignore it to just be me. Can you understand that? I hope so. On to my post …

Please can I share with you how proud I am of my daughter? She’s at uni doing ancient history and Latin, coming up to the end of year 2 of 3 before she does a year teaching to teach at GCSE and A Level. She’s just been given a scholarship to spend 2 weeks at Bryanston in Dorset to do a course that only has 17 places in the entire UK per year studying ancient Greek. It’s one of those really prestigious places where students prepare for Eton.

As a single mum who had to retire due to ill health and end up on benefits I never imagined my daughter would be able to attend uni, never mind her getting firsts in her subjects and offered opportunities like this where they’re even paying her accommodation and meal costs and her not having to pay any of the approximate £25 000 this 2 week course costs.

I hope you don’t mind my post but it’s good news that our kids can still reach their goals despite our lives. I’m so glad I won my argument for her going to the better uni and not staying at home worried about leaving me.

Take care and keep warm

Cath x


That’s lovely news you have every right to be proud.

Jan x

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Cath , that’s wonderful news . It makes us mums so proud when they achieve high despite having difficult circumstances. It’s lovely to see you on here and Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Here, here…

All the best to everyone. MS or not. Life goes on & this is inspiring.

Terry crawls back to the shadows.

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That’s wonderful news Cath I am so pleased for both of you. It’s a tonic hearing good news. Pam x

Thanks for your lovely messages. I am very proud but wanted to share as Jen’s had it rough the last few years but it goes to show that our health concerns doesn’t mean their future has to change. Cath x

Great news.

All the best to you and your daughter.


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Hi Cath, Congratulations to both of you. Best wishes, Anthony

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That’s wonderful to read Cath and you have every right to be proud, it’s wonderful to see them thriving. My step-daughter got a 1st in photography and is the only person she knows, with a career related to her degree. She’s self-employed and works a lot for a single photographer, she even photographs for him sometimes too. Sonia x

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Thanks, Sonia you must be proud too. It’s nice hearing about people leaving uni and using their degrees. I’ve met so many young people who racked up thousands of pounds worth of debt and aren’t using the degrees they earned. It’s very sad. Jen is doing her teaching degree after her history as she wants to teach at GCSE or A Level. I just want her to be happy, it’s nice to hear that your daughter is doing what she loves. Take care. Cath x

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