Newly Diagnosed Course

Hi Everyone. Hope you’re all well. The sunshine definitely helps the mood for me! Just a quick question - I’ve been offered a course by my ms nurse for people diagnosed in the last 2 - 3 years. It’s supposed to help you cope with symptoms etc, goes on for 5 weeks, 2 1/2 hours for one evening a week and sounds like a good idea to me. Did any of you have a course like this? Did it help you? I think it would be good to meet others with ms but also know that many of the others will probably have rrms but I imagine she’ll explain the differences.

Do any of you who’ve been recently dx attend such a course? What do you think, would it be something you’d want your ms nurse to arrange? I’d just never imagined such courses existed and wanted to know if it helps people with PPMS.

Thanks, take care.

Cath xx

Hi Cath

There was nothing like that when I was diagnosed, but if there had been I would have attended as it sounds like a good idea.

In one respect I was relieved at dx to know what was wrong, but at the same time I had never heard of ms, let alone knew anybody with it, so its a time of fear, so I am sure this would help.

If you feel up to it, I’d say go for it.

Pam x

Hi Cath, Like Pam there was nothing like this available when I was dx but I would have loved to attend had it been available. I was actually living in Spain at the time of my dx…my GP was wonderful but that was it, nothing else available. Even when I came back to live in the UK I felt very alone with my MS. For what it’s worth, my advice would be …if you are up to it, go for it…if you don’t like it,for any reason, you don’t have to go back after the first session. Good luck with it…let us all know how you get on. Nina x

Hi Cath

This sounds interesting. I would go for it, as you have nothing to lose. You can then feed back to us, for when we next see our neuros/nurses.

If I had a course like this I would go on it, and then enjoy being the slightly unusual "him with the “PP” ms. I could always just enjoy the coffee and cakes and then nod off when they start going on about “attacks” of things like optic neuritis, and then come back to life when they start suggesting balancing aides!

TBH, anything that gets me out the house these days is a bonus.

Take care.


Hi min, I went on a course like this when I was first dx 6 years ago. I would say go. It was quite informative and I am still friends with some of the people I met. I particularly enjoyed the meditation part of the course which I have carried on with. A lot of the coping strategies I also still use so it was worthwhile for me. Most of us that attended were still there at the end of the 6 week course. Ps CP is right you do get tea/ coffee biscuits but no cakes although we finished course the week before Xmas and got a Christmas pie & shortbread enjoy!

Thanks Everyone

I’d intended to go as it sounded like a good idea but was just concerned it’d be aimed at those with rrms as that seems most common and I do find it frustrating at times when nearly all the literature, support groups etc are mostly frequented by those who don’t understand that I’m not a candidate for DMD’s and don’t go into remission. They look at me as if I don’t want help and would prefer people to pity me. As you all know, that’s not the case.

You’ve definitely given me the reassurance that it would be to my benefit. I definitely like the idea of meditation, meeting others in the same boat and of course the tea and cake or biscuits. There’s a woman in the village who’s had ms for many years and I asked her if she wanted to go with me as we can take a friend and I thought she’d gain more from it than my friends and she’s agreed. I’ll let you know how it goes if you want.

And I had great news from the DWP, my claim for ESA that my gp had to fill in have been processed and I’m in the support group. I don’t have to fight with anyone this time. Wonderful news!!

Well take care.

Cath xx

Actually, when my MS nurse visited me at home, she said something about teaching a ‘getting to grips’ with MS course she was doing later. I wonder if it’s similar… if it’s done by experienced MS nurses then I bet it’ll be good enjoy!

Sonia x

Hi cath, The one I went to had a mixture of msers. One of the sessions you were encouraged to take partner or friend to discuss things from their prospective. I must admit I was a bit cynical at the start but really enjoyed the sessions,well worthwhile and there was a lot of laughter as well.

Hi Cath, sounds like a good opportunity on many levels, enjoy!!

Good news about ESA another hurdle overcome.

Pauline xxx

Hi Cath

So pleased you got good news from DWP that takes away some stress.

Pam x

Hi Cath, Well done, I’m so pleased about the ESA! Nina x

Thank you! Yes, as you all know the benefit battle is a stress we can do without. Luckily it was my gp filling my forms in and not ATOS. He knows me much better than they do. After all the stress of recent weeks with my home having loads of work done that was a huge relief. Just the last of the painting to be done, kitchen to be tiled and carpets to be laid before my house is a home again and the stress comes to an end. Oh, and my OT might be arranging me one of those fancy wash n dry loos too, coming on Friday to bring the man who checks to see if it’ll fit. The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to glow brightly.

Take care and I hope you’re all well.

Cath xx