Hello Sorry I’ve not been on for a bit , life has been hectic . Molly started a new college she has autism and learning difficulties. I’ve been overwhelmed all this month. Unfortunately within days she was being bullied. It was awful . she was so well looked after at her special school, and this has been terrible for her. I hope weve turned a corner . Things have picked up these last few days she now has a fulltime 121 for the learning and break times. I’ve felt so sad and so angry. Her first proper day she rang us sobbing …the college had decided they knew best and didn’t give her the support shed been promised, I know we may still have problems but at least shes a bit happier. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle, nice to hear from you.

Youngsters can be so cruel. It seems so pointless. It sounds like a mad busy time you’ve had but at least you know how to deal with things. I’m not sure what the college was on about. Does the word college assume freedom from responsibility?

Keep inspiring us.

x woof

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Hi Michelle

Nice to see you on the forum, I am so sorry your daughter has experienced bullying, there should be no place for it anywhere.

Hopefully it’s been nipped in the bud and she can enjoy her college days.

Pam x

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