Do you get the stare at school when your all over the place

Hi Fellow member’s

i have recentlry started a thread when my vechile was damaged by a old lady with an attitude and got a right earfull of her. So i wanted to know does this happen at school i have two kiddies at primary age reception and year 5 and my eldest is now being bullied as the fellow parent’s think im a piss head and a danger to kid’s. Her closet friend’s are being encouraged by fellow freind’s and parent’s not to enter my home and stand aside while she get’s the piss taken out of her in school. My eldest is my world without her help my hubby would have to give up work. We have another child with aspies and i feel she as quality’s no other children will have she will understand disabilty doesn’t mean life end’s and your human and have FEELINGS. I tried talking to the teacher today and she was great but insited it is down to the parent’s to discipline their kid’s we can only do so much. I moved into the area thinking my eldest can have buddies im now thinking what the hell have i done. Apart from 2 neighbour’s to be disabled in my neighbourhood is a no no. It is all about friend’s with benifit’s like best bud’s with a business owner or school governer get the drift. I did speak to another mum who said unfortunatley the teacher is banging her head agaisnt the wall as it is parent’s right to allow their kid’s to understand disabilty and your the first in the school. She was really understanding but i never hated the shity disease so much im so low i knew ms was cruel but i never understood the full effect. I HATE IT WITH PASSION. I can’t move either due to hubby’s job and we have already got pickford’s booked and sale sign ready.

Im not feeling very cheerfull hazexx

My brother-in-law is a teacher and he has MS. I’ve never ‘heard’ of anything that has upset him. He is a catholic (I’m not) and works in a catholic school.



Read your blue badge post which was awful.

Just wanted to send you some support. Not sure if I can suggest anything to make it better but willing some good luck to you and

your family.

Jen x

Im thinking of educating these middle class/ upper class twits a lesson or two ms or not im human and have feelings so maybe they need a fresh face. I think people are to busy to understand it’s not all about them.


l use to be a governor at the local secondary school - which my daughter attended. The ‘Head’ teacher and another teacher were also on the board.

The headmaster was very strict - but very fair. A good combination - The sort of behaviour you are experiencing would never have been tolerated. l think you should arrange to see the headteacher and explain the problem- and put it in writing to the governors. Then it would have to be brought to the attention of the governing board at the next meeting.

l found it better to use my walking stick at all times. This puts a stop to folk thinking you are drunk. When my daughter was at the primary school l was permitted to park right up to the school which made life much easier as l usually also collected three other children who lived near us. There mums would take turns in the morning run.

l have never felt that l was stared at - l found folk very friendly and helpful - so l do feel very sorry that you are having this sort of trouble. But at an infant school the pupils surely are taught tolerance and understanding- it is the schools responsibility as well as the parents to see thal know sct this is part of their education. Would your husband be prepared to speak to the school about it - as l know it could be upsetting for yourself to do.

Don’t let it get to you - l am positive this situation can be turned around. Schools are always grateful for parents to volunteer to help in classrooms - listening to children read/spell etc. ls there anyway you could do this - it would only be an hour or so. But it would be a good way for children and teachers/ other parents to see the real you. l use to meet the children at the local swimming baths - and supervise the girls getting dried and dressed in time for the coach back to school. Most of this l could manage sitting down.


What a fab idea spending a afternoon were the kiddies can discuss there parents and any disabiltys they have and then with there parents we can answer any queries

Got to run my son has just smashed his head at school catch u later sorry


I went into my child’s class and gave a wee talk about MS and what it was. I arranged with the Headteacher and class teacher.

It wasn’t really because of people staring, it was more to do with the fact that I knew the rumours were starting to go round…anything from terminal cancer to a drink problem!

My daughter got upset because some kids were saying I was going to die etc!

After I’d been into school all the rumours stopped! My daughter is fine.

I hope it gets resolved soon.



Dear Hazel

Sorry to read your post, fortunately for me I didn’t realise I had MS until long after my daughter was grown up so didn’t go through any of this.

Can’t help feeling that your story is so moving that it could be something the MS Society could use, can’t remember where but they are asking for our life stories and yours certainly shows what people with MS have to put up with.

Take care, you always have friends on this site.




When my mother was diagnosed, I was in secondary school and my mother taught at one of the feeder primary schools, so most of the secondary school pupils knew who she was. The MS hit her during the school summer holidays and she never did go back to work, but I remember that a couple of irritating boys in the year below me started spreading nasty rumours about my mum and what might be wrong with her, so I found them, took them both by the throat and scared the living daylights out of them. The rumours stopped. I was about 16, and I’m not a violent person, but these boys really annoyed me, and the whole family was stressed about what was happening. I told my younger brother what had happened, but my mother never knew.

Sometimes, depending on age, the child can sort it out.

Luisa x