School place appeal

Hi all,

I need some advice for my daughter’s school place appeals process, hoping someone can help

We’ve just moved to a new area and my daughter (in year 3) needed to change schools. I applied for an exceptional circumstances place because of my MS and I’m her primary care giver and responsible for getting her to and from school.

There is a primary school 6 minutes walk from our house but as the class was full we were given a school place at a junior school 20mins walk away. The council won’t count my MS as an ‘exceptional circumstance’ as they’ve said ‘any school could provide for the needs of our family’.

I did provide letters from my MS nurse and GP when I applied stating why we needed the most local primary school.

I also have a son who is starting reception next September and he is likely to get into the local primary school but my daughter would still be at the junior school making drop offs and picks ups exhausting even on a good day.

I was only diagnosed with RRMS in March but I’ve had 5 relapses in the last 12 months which severely impacted my ability to walk and drive. I have no family in the country, know no-one at the new school and my husband works full time so pretty much on my own for all things school related

Has anyone gone through the appeals process because of their MS? Any tips or suggestions? The appeal is on the 4th of November, absolutely dreading it. The though of explaining to a room of strangers my uncertain health future makes me weep :(.

hi red

will reply more tomorrow because i’m so tired now

carole x

I went through appeal but before ms, also with what I believed were exceptional circumstances. My mp wrote a letter, I went to a drop in session arranged via the secretary and my gp also came to the appeal . I hink the fact the gp was there showed how important it might be worth askinv for both these things xxx

Thanks everyone, will get onto my local MP in the morning.

My daughter is 3rd on the waiting list behind two siblings. It’s only a one form entry school so places don’t come up frequently.


hi again red

make sure that you emphasise how involved you want to be in your child’s education.

point out that you don’t want your child to miss days of schooling, nor do you want her to be late for school.

as zoe said, get your MP involved and also your gp if possible.

i know that at one time schools always kept spare places back, dont know whether that still applies.

good luck

carole x

Good news, we won our appeal today! Appeals panel were shocked that senior managers at the council hadn’t passed my case to their medical team and had overruled advice from GP and MS nurse. Shouldn’t have had to go through the process in the first place but all worked out in the end.

Thanks for your support.


wonderful news red!

good news,bet you are so relieved

J x

Hi Little Red

I’ve only just caught up with this. Ironically I was off work last week (on half term!) and was so busy catching up with jobs around the house that don’t get done when I’m at work during term time so I didn’t get on the boards as much as usual.

I’m so pleased the council saw sense in the end. I’m also shocked that they didn’t see your needs as exceptional in the first place. Fantastic news. You must be so relieved.

I work in admin at a high school and my immediate line manager is really supportive. It makes a huge difference when people try to understand the difficulties we face.

Tracey x