Advice needed!

Hello peeps,

I posted this in the carers section, no replies as yet, do any of you guys have tips, advice, anything?? Are there any sites you know or reading material I can get to how him that there is nothing to worry about?

Hi all,

I have fairly recently been diagnosed with RRMS, my 14 year old daughter knows and understands and has taken it in her stride, however I have a son who is 11 who panics if I so much as get a paper cut and I just don’t know how to explain without frightening him, I want him to understand it but realise I’m ok.

Anybody got advice? How were you told/how did you tell?

Cheers - Pen x

The MS Trust have some really good booklets for kids for when a parent is diagnosed. They are free to download or you can order a hard copy if you think that would be best (also free).

Personally, I think a key thing is to warn him that the internet is full of scare stories, quack "cures" and other rubbish so that researching it on-line is a very bad idea. He will of course, but hopefully the warning will keep things in perspective for him.

Other than that, trying to keep an open dialogue is probably a good idea - making sure that he knows that asking you questions / sharing his thoughts etc is fine (definitely better than bottling it up).

Hth :-)

Karen x

I haven,t got kids myself but on the MS Trust website if you go to publications there is a book especially written for children who have a parent with MS.

Don’t know whether it may help but you can read it yourself online first.

I hope you get some answers.


I dont know if you are ready to share it but it may well be worth speaking to his form tutor aswell,even if its just to say you have some health issues. 

Often there is a change in behaviour at school when they are worried.

All the best


Hi Pen
Following on from what Pip said, about school. My son 7 and one of my daughter 11 go to the same school. I am in a position where the staff know me or my family. We have been going 18yr, I am a governor, eldest 22 if Mathis not add up.
School have been great and the teachers and support staff have been great.
They have been aware sommat was wrong for a while, and when they didn’t see me for a while, as they had known me for ages, asked where I was. Also 5 of the staff on the ward had kids that were friends with my son and daughter.
I would recommend advising your sons class teacher, as you kids need support like you do.


Fantastic advice and thank you all very much indeed!

I did as you said and spoke to Max’s form tutor, turns out her sister also has it (secondary), she offered so much help it was a little overwhelming after normally getting confused looks from everyone else I have told.

She offered to print of the information from this site as I only have an iPad and no printer and even offered school counsellor time for him if he still had questions, so utterly amazed at the support I received.

He is at his dad’s till Friday but I am arranging a mom date (something we do already) to chat to him.

I was 36 today but feel 26 without this worry over my head, thank you guys very very very much xx


Happy birthday-great weight off you shoulders, don’t you find the “predictive” bit of an iPad gives funny results. My keyboard is like me it slurps words and cannot pronounce.them-funny my iPad doesn’t drink, like me - ha :slight_smile:

Mike x

Dont forget you can ask for the ms info to be posted to you so have a good look and see what you think is relevant and they will send you hard copies.

So glad the world is looking a happier place.


Ps didnt know you were a Brummie   or are you a fellow  Blackcountry lass ?