what a joke ( not MS)

My daughter (12) has been bullied by a girl in her year for months now and the school has done jack. her friend hasalso been bullied by the same girl.

Last friday the bully was b*&^%ing about my daughter and being rude so at the end of school my daughter asked her to move and she did’t so she barged past her then of course a full on fight started!

Thought it wou;d just be the school dealing with it with the school liasions officer, no probs with us about that the school ahs the statements from all witnesse and the girls.

Got a phonecall from the police to say an allegation of assault has been made by the bully and her parents…

My dugthr has to go to the police station to be interviewed on tape!!! I’m fuming!!!

I don’t deny my daughter started the fight but she had had enough of the bully and snapped, But assault??? REALLY??? Why couldn’t they just leave the school to deal with it!!!

This girl ghas bullied my daughter and her friend for months so much so my daughter self harms!! So now my daughter decided she coudnt take anymore the girl cries assault (which in theory it is but it was a fight between 2 girls in school) its no the first time the bully has done this!!!

Just wish the school had done something sooner to stop the bullying!!!

scared my daughter is going to end up with a blooming record cos of this!!

I’m in a right state so much so i hope the Dr tells me i need IV steroids as i’m relapsing really badly and only had a course of them ast week!!!

Ok rant over, thank you for reading

Kate x x

Get your own witness statements ready, and the bully will hopefully be shown up xx

Hi Kate,

Hopefully the school will have records of past complaints about this bully and even if they don’t as long as your daughter and her friends stick to the truth about the months of torment then it should not be taken much further.

Plus hun - I think the police are getting involved because a complaint has been made but for a fight in a playground I can’t see them taking it too far - if a knife had been used or some other deadly weapon then maybe they would but for a playground fight, I’m sure they will not take it further. Hopefully the worst that will happen is a telling off and a warning.

If you are really worried go to the CAB and see what advice they can give you.

I know you have had a miserable time lately hun what will hubby in pain and you relapsing - maybe you need to see if you can advance your next appointment with the neuro, I think you said it was in january but maybe you can get one sooner.

PM me if you ever need a rant or a shoulder to cry on.

Take care Kate, lots of hugs hun

Kelly xx

Hi Kate

Some kids and their families are awful and they really know how to play the victim when it suits them. Probably the family are no strangers to the whole legal system! I’m sure you could do without the extra stress though.

I would hope that now the police are involved they may contact the school to find out some of the history and this may prompt the school into taking some action and sort out the bully finally. However in case this doesn’t happen, are you aware that you can write to the Chair of Governors via the school confidentially to complain about the lack of action? The headmaster is answerable to the governors and if the governors ask what has been done then the head will have to explain the school’s action (or lack of it). If this still doesn’t resolve things, you can then write to the Local Authority and ask them to intervene. It is like any job - they are always answerable to someone else and you can always go above them if you aren’t getting any satisfaction. The school is responsible for your daughter’s safety and well being during the school day and, from what you have said, they aren’t doing that.

I hope the whole sorry mess is sorted out very soon. As others have said, I doubt very much that the police will do much more than take statements and have a quiet words with all involved. They probably have much more important things to deal with. Unless the other girl needed hospital treatment for actual injuries then they are unlikely to charge your daughter. This kind of thing happens more often than you would think.

Take care and try not to worry

Tracey x