I'm Being Bullied

I have lived in my semi rural bungalow for over five years. Eighteen months ago anew neighbour moved in . Lives alone but has a large family who visit on a regular basis and their language and actions are choice to say the least, you could say the family from hell. Anyway a few weeks ago she came round and asked my hubby to sign passport forms for her daughter and baby, he said he couldn’t as he didn’t know them or hadn’t even met them. Then she came round when hubby was at work wanting to borrow money, I didn’t let her in as to be honest she’s not a very nice person, of course I refused, she told me she could make things very nasty for me. I wasn’t sure what she meant as I never go out alone and haven’t been able to for over five years, I just about manage during the day when my husbands at work. Having secondary progressive MS. Like everyone normal tasks are difficult . Yesterday I was in the garden and I think it was for my benefit , and l heard her and her son saying nasty thing happen to people in wheelchairs. I feel so alone , our daughter I Ives forty miles away and can’t drive for a year as she’s been diagnosed with epilepsy . I don’t see anyone after my husband leaves for work at 7.30 until he gets home at 5.45 , There is an MS group in the next town but they don’t come out this far so I see no one during the day. I don’t know many people in the village as they keep themselves to themselves and as I said I’m unable to out, and they are quite elderly. So I don’t know what to do my hubby knows she’s making things difficult , he wants to stay home ,but that won’t solve anything. We have a lovely postman who knocks every day to see if I’m ok , and he said she was spreading Nasty rumours about me, I can’t defend myself as I can’t get out, all this is having a bad effect on both of us, I’m trying to put on a brave face but dread my hubby going to work. He’s having problems at work so I don’t want to see how much all this is getting to me. Anyone have any advice please? I’m at my whits end.

Record those nasty beggers, then involve the police. They sound like big mouth intimidators to me. You can’t spend your life living in fear, once they realise you won’t take their crap they will probably crawl back under a stone. Are the homes private or housing assocation ? HA’s won’t allow this behaviour. Lynn x


This sounds awful, there are some nasty people out there. They are trying to intimidate you, it is unlikely that their threats will amount to anything.

I agree with Pat and Lynn in that the police are the best way to deal with this.

However, you may find it helpful to talk to someone. The MS Helpline 0808 800 8000 might be a good place to start.

I hope this situation is resolved quickly

Anne x

How horrible for you. I agree with the other comments. Would your postman also give a statement to the police as he has evidence that she has been causing problems with the rumours etc… I would imagine that previous neighbours have also had problems with her and her family. She’s probably already known to the police. Are you in local authority or housing association accommodation? They have measures to help tenants in cases like this. I do hope this gets sorted so you can live your life in peace.

They are lowlife scum. I agree with the very good advice you have already received. They are trying to intimidate you and somehow hope that will lead to you agreeing to their demands for money etc. You must report this to the police. I am sure once the police have paid them a visit they will behave like all bullies and prove what cowards they really are. Let us know how you get on.

Tracey x

What foul behaviour. I am so sorry that this horrible situation has arisen. I agree with others’s advice. Do be sure to keep careful notes of times/dates/details of the nastiness. Good luck. Alison


I agree with the advice you have already been given, you have to phone the police, they are there to protect you.

Stay strong and keep us updated

hugs BeckyX

Hi, I`m am also horrified for you re the awful neighbours.

Just wondering hun, are these people home owners or tenants?

If they are, as well as contacting the police, what about ringing the landlord too? If they are council tenants, they could get evicted.

It`s horrible when you cant relax in your own home.

luv Pollx

This sounds horrendous. You poor thing. I really feel for you, It’s bound to make your MS elevate too I would have thought.

Contact the police. They have an Anti social behaviour dept who will take this on for you. Don’t let them intimidate you. I hope they are tenants as the council/HA will not allow them to behave like this and make your life hell. I would also visit my GP and explain how this is making you feel. It will then be logged that you are being victimised. This will also he;p you to build up a case. The more professional people that know about this the better and quicker it will be dealt with.

Good luck and I hope it gets sorted soon.

Shazzie xxx

You poor thing, this is horribe for youi do know how you feel as i too had problems like this, my problem was that it was my neighbour who lived above me and she gave me lots of h*ll just like you.

As others have said approch the police or your local council if it a council property, keep a record of everything that happens times dates who said/did what get a written staitment from the lovey postman.

Concider puting up a cctv camera this will help with proof of whats going on, but most of all although its hard try not to let this consume your life, if you can dont let them see that your bothered this hurts them more than anything.

Tell the police if you contact them this is dissability discrimination and you want them to take you seriously dont let them fob you off,contact social serveses see if theres a day center in your area the can take you too just to get you out of the house and away for a short time will help,.

take care Barbara.xx