No Longer Sure What To Do

Hi I’ve been having problems with neighbours since June, it got so bad I thought of ending it all ( yes that bad) it all started because I wouldn’t lend money to one neighbour , then the insults started . I’ve been called Mongey bitch , Spastic , I was pushed over in my own back garden. I contacted my local M S and someone came out to see me, they contacted the police for me they wanted to go to see her but her family are drug dealers and I’ve already been threatened . This has been going on for eight months. Because I won’t proceed with the complaint the police have dropped the case , the antisocial officer doesn’t come or ring anymore . This morning I opened the blinds there’s human excrement on the bedroom window that’s been thrown over the fence. This isn’t the first time , we have had excrement left on the car. My husband leaves the house at 7.30 and doesn’t get home until 5.45 He phones me every hour from work , he is my sole carer. And he can’t financially finish work, my daughter lives miles away. I just feel as if I have no one to turn too, I don’t even hear from the Local M S now. I really don’t know what to do or where to turn anymore . Frustrated and Frightened.

oh my word! what kind of person picks up their own poo?

maybe a letter to your mp would help??

you really need help with sorting this out.

would you agree to press charges now?

if you can’t face the hassle could you see about get an advocate?

ms happened to you but what excuse can these people have?

take care and try to make a move on getting something done

carole x

I was in this sort of position in 2012, the only way I could deal with it was to buy CCTV which by law you can have as long as you display a sign advising that your property is covered . They do say you can only cover your own property due to privacy law but mine copped them and I didn’t care. I also Bought a dictaphone and recorded what they said. Luckily I got a mutual swap from my house but all the evidence was heard and seen by the housing officer and they have had a report of anti social behaviour logged at their address. I had the police out too. Please stand up for urself and involve the authorities. Good luck Sonia x

Hi, I do recall your posts before about the same problem.

I am so sorry to hear it is still going on.

I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own home, as we suffered from youth abuse when we first moved here. Gladly it was sorted a few weeks later, by the police and Neighbourhood Watch.

Your property…is it your own? I ask because if it is rented, it would be more easy to move, than if it is your own. I expect you already have thought of moving away, eh?

if it was me, that is what I would do, even at the chance of losing a lot of money.

peace and your health are more important.

CCTV may be a good idea, as someone else has said.

luv Pollx

You must keep a diary of all events and go to your housing officer if it’s housing accossiation and the police or it will not be resolved you need the outside agencies to help you. Good luck x