hobby (not ms)


just thought i’d share a happy thread because i’m feeling happy today!

i had art lessons about 18 months ago and i’ve gone from thinking that i’m hopeless at art to feeling confident enough to send friends watercolour cards for their birthdays. i’ve just been to the art supplies shop and noticed that my confidence also makes me able to choose exactly what i want.

now i can’t wait to start painting with my new playthings!

i’d really encourage anyone to try it even is you always thought you couldnt.

ms took away my ability to work but i’ve gained a new ability that makes me happy.



don’t worry be happy

Nice one Carole. I’d used shot guns for years before I surrendered my certificate 10 years ago,but two years ago I did some Clay Pigeon Shooting out of my ‘Sporty Wheelchair’. A bit different,but still very pleasing.I couldn’t do it safely now so will be giving the Paralympics a miss this time.

I’m considering the Pole Vault for Rio in 2016,with a 40’ foot long titanium pole under my arm and whizz down the track on the big buggy, hit ‘the pocket’ just right and into the wild blue yonder.


ps Carole did you just paint those little yellow faces? They’re really cool.


i cant hold a pen just now let alone a brush but a friend of mine loves art work.

enjoy-i believe its meant to be very relaxing

ellie x

I’m thrilled to find that, even with my intermittent tremor / dubious eyes I can still cross-stitch. I’m aware I may one day loose the dexterity so i’m an embroidery MACHINE trying to get it all done :slight_smile: Very therapeutic

Dear Twink, you can help me. I’ve extended and simplified the waist bands of three pairs of kecks with ‘industrial velcro’,pop rivets and a cable tie

Please help me, Wb

ps That is a tremendous effort and should be an inspiration to everybody on here.

Well done Carole I have everything I need to paint but the talent. I did go to pottery class and managed a few wobbly things so I don’t think there is an artist hidden in me lol Yvonne xx .

Thats a lovely post Carole. Its great that youve found an interesting hobby. Even if you didnt feel it was good enough to give to friends, its making YOU happy!

I am like that with my cards and sewing. I did have a go at painting and managed to get one in an exhibition! I dont paint now tho.

Keep on keeping busy, eh?

luv Pollx

My sewing is limited to the very specific subset of " stuff I like" - therefore my own jeans zipper has been secured with a hair tie for several weeks (until I get round to just buying a new pair) :smiley:

IMPORTANT USELESS TECHNICAL NOTE: The good thing about sewing on certain cross stich materials ie aida, and using as you do a blunted needle, is that as long as you get in the vicinity of the hole the needle sort of guides itself in so mistakes are less likely - similar to how it’s easier to hit piano keys that correctly position fingers on a violin string :slight_smile:

Thanks Twink. Not useless at all,just a bit beyond my capabilities. I thought Aida was an that could be worth £1 million.

Wb x

Hi Ellie, have you seen the incredibly beautiful work done by the Mouth and Foot Painters Association? Amazing!

luv Pollx


yes! i bought some of their postcards some time ago!


ellie x