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Evening everyone,

I do miss you all when I haven’t had a wee chat with you all for a while, Steve how wonderful that you were out, my 12 year old is away to a party tonight with legs that should be illegal on a 12 yr old! She looks about 16 my heart is in my breaches

Anyway I was just on for a bit of a natter and to say that, well I’m quite a crafty person, and I found a new hobby that I CAN do that doesn’t leave me exhausted, I can pick it up and put it down when my tiredness sets in, it does take quite a while to do the whole process but the best thing is, my finished product is for sale on Facebook and I am donating my profits to the MS society!

I am making glitter products, I don’t know if you know what I mean but it’s things from wine glasses to scented candles and photo frames and all sorts. There’s special glue and special glitter but I enjoy it and I’m doing something good that others can also enjoy! Win all round! So I thought I would just let you all know what I’m doing when I get a wee 30 mins or hour when my body is up to it.

on a last little note if anyone will be moving from DLA to PIP please look at the post I put in the everyday section (just to reach more people) while they make their decision they are supposed to pay your DLA I have not had mine paid since September! Their reason, “oh some slip through the system” I’ve been chasing it since, last call was Friday past they have promised to sort it this week, I really hope so!

love Polly xxx


Hello Polly,

Yes we had a brilliant night on Saturday thanks. As for you 12 year old; it’s just what they do! I’m anticipating a similar sort of thing in 10 year’s time with our little Rose-her mum was a bit like that too! (Shh don’t tell her I said that.)

I’m fairly hacked off with the way the old DWP have messed me about with ESA and the like. I haven’t heard about PIP yet, I’m just hoping the transition will be smooth as I’m quite far down the line.

The glittery hobby seems great as something creative to do. My wife does a lot of things like that herself-this Christmas will be very glittery indeed, especially as Rose is bursting to do creative things. (Thank you Mr Tumble et al.) I tend to write children’s fiction but have had no luck with publishers yet so I’ll keep trying.

Best wishes, Steve x

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Wow, that’s fabulous that you write children’s novels! Rose is a lucky girl, getting special stories! I wish you the best of luck for getting them published sooner rather than later would be fabulous for you.

I honestly don’t think the DWP have any idea that they are messing around with people’s life’s here. I hope you here about PIP soon, I applied in April/May time!

Holly and I are enjoying this creative lark, it’s good for the soul I think and we can do it together, and all little girls love glitter, big girls do too! Lol!

Keep us up to date with the PIP! I’m away to glitter the house lol

Polly xxx

Hi Polly hope they sort out your DLA soon glitter sound good, l can’t do fine work anymore fingers won’t work.

Steve good luck with the novels

CD Don

What creative people we have on this board!!!

The whole ESA / PIP thing seems in complete chaos!!! They could have saved millions (maybe billions!) of pounds by transferring those of us with diagnosed progressive chronic illness straight over to the new benefits without all this farting about!

Steve do you get the Writers and Artists Yearbook? Packed full with publishers and also writing competitions which is a good way of getting your work noticed.

I used to write short stories but sorry to say as my MS progressed I couldn’t do it anymore. It made me very tired. If I was the sort of person who could write for an hour a day I’d probably still be doing it… but I’m a very obsessive person and once I started I would carry on for hours until I was exhausted and ill.

My claim to fame is a short story competition which was judged by Hilary Mantel. 750 people entered and I got onto the shortlist of 20. Very proud of that!

Pat xx