First time in wheelchair tomorrow (yikes!)

Hi gang, I’m going to the David Hockney exhibition at Royal Academy tomorrow and have booked a wheelchair. Two lovely people coming with me so will have plenty of support (and pushers… as it’s a manual).

I’m used to my mob scooter but this is a first for me.

If you see the headline " Hockney show closed after wheelchair fiasco" you’ll know who the culprit is.

Lol. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time (and hoping and praying I’ll be well enough to go!).

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye…

Pat x

Hi Pat l do Hope you have a good vist

Mine was the other way round l got the wheelchair first as l had broken my anckle but l have used it a lot, then l got my scooter l am now saving up hard to get a small one that will fit in the car,

take care just sit there and let them do the work l must go put mine on charge as l am going to a coffee morning at the knitting group at church to rase funds for wool lov Janxx

Hope you feel well enough to go tomorrow and that you have a fantastic day Pat. I’m sure you will feel fine with the wheelchair once you have got used to it. Have a wonderful time, Teresa xx

Hi Pat,

Have a great day and enjoy the exhibition!

Ursie x

Hi Pat

Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Might be a good idea to rest as much today, save your energy for your adventure.

Dont worry about the wheelchair, it will be a doddle, just enjoy the exhibition.


good luck to you pat your braver than me.

I love painting my self mainly water colours.

Deenis maria.

Well I did indeed have a fabulous time!!! The paintings were beautiful and it was fine being in the wheelchair… even managed to manoeuvre it myself a bit which was remarkably easy.

Exhausted now but it was SO worth it.

Thanks for reponses. Now I’ve done it once in wheelchair I’m on a mission to visit more galleries!

Com-cab there (London cab scheme discounted for disabled people), wheelchair, and then and com-cab back. Made it very do-able and was a great day out. I love the paintings of David Hockney (esp these Yorkshire landscapes) and I’m so happy that I went.

Pat x and

I was thinking of you today Pat and wondering how you were getting on. So glad you had such a lovely day and that the wheelchair was helpful! So lots more trips out to galleries it is then. Make sure you have a nice restful day tomorrow to recover some strength. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa. I am exhausted today… but luckily bought the book (huge and expensive but I rarely treat myself) full of lovely prints of the paintings… so can lie in bed and look at them all over again!

Pat x

Sounds good Pat - you were bound to feel knackered after such a day. Enjoy a restful day perusing your new book! Teresa xx

When I am pushed in a wheelchair, I find myself being taken the opposite direction to the one I want to go!

I’ve considered inventing a pair of earings for my ‘pusher’ to wear so that I can give him a quick buzz in the ear on the side I want to go!!! You never know it might take off and make me a fortune lol.

Best wishes to all for another lovely day. Ann

Hi pat, how did the maiden voyage go? i don`t use my scooter now. I prefer the wheelchair, as i can get closer to tables in restaurants and shelves in shops.

Whatever form of transport we use, the main thing is we`re still getting out.

Remember; have wheels will cause trouble!!!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, it went really well thanks! I had a great time. Felt a bit strange not having the ‘control’ of the scooter and my right thumb kept jumping in an effort to control it! Very strange. Other problem was that I was looking up at the pictures and kept getting dizzy spells… but this is by no means a moan. I have missed going to galleries so now I’ve done it I can do it again. No excuses!

What I did like was occasionally I manoeuvered myself along and found it quite easy. Turned on a sixpence and even managed to reverse.

I didn’t cause any trouble!!! Had that ‘stay calm and carry on’ thing going on (even when I got stuck in doorway of disabled loo lol).

Hope you have now recovered from your ruby anniversary celebrations. I’m still very tired after my day out but very glad I went!

Take care,

Love Pat x

So glad to hear how much you enjoyed the trip.

My Fridays are out with PA. I love those days, but I always come home knackered. Best thing is now that PA sleeps over on Fridays, she puts me to bed and i rest. Life ain`t so bad…sometimes, eh?

luv Pollx