What does everyone else do?

As I struggle increasingly to get about I find it really hard to do the cleaning at home. I must look hilarious sitting on the floor to hoover! I would love to be able to afford a cleaner but alas not to be! What do you all do? Tree65

I learned to ignore the dust and nag the kids (more) to help out! The first thing I did when I got DLA was get a cleaner and send out my ironing :slight_smile: Karen x

Have to agree with Karen, but do it in a slightly different way and learnt to like maybe tomorow. Got no one to nag but visitors beware… Deb

I do as little as possible. I do 90% of the cooking and washing up and do my own laundry. OH has always done his laundry and ironed his shirts - I just shake and hang most things but then I don’t care about the odd wrinkle (clothing or face :wink: ) OH has a gadget obsession :ugeek: so as we now have a super duper Vax he likes to (and has to!) vacuum. He cleans the loo too, cos I could fall in it! :oops: Dust - I don’t see any dust therefore there is no dust, so there :!: Clare the blissfully oblivious to dirt xxx