DLA forms!

I decided I would apply for DLA. I don’t expect to get it and if I do only the lower care element but my question is…Do they not need to know about work? I do only work 2 hours 5 days a week bbut doesn’t seem to ask anywhere about this.

I have been very honest i answering all of the questions but it’s quite hard to get your point across in the allocated questions. How do you explain to someone that your body can be so fatigued that you literally can not get out of bed and that some days it takes you 2 hours to get from your bed to actually being washed and dressed downstairs! This is only due to the fact you have a 2year old and if you didn’t have them you would just stay in bed as its easier.

Also I have leg weakness in my right leg. It is fine when walking around the house but if I try and walk to the corner shop, by the time I get to the end of my drive it goes so “weak”, “tingly” and like jelly that I have to stop and hold on to something. It just all sounds so stupid and very very hard to explain in English.

Sorry I sort of went off on a rant but it’s just all so frustrating.

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to explain everything in as much detail as I could. My mum helped me as she had to claim a couple of years ago while undergoing chemo. She was honest about everything and got her claim whereas people she was getting chemo with were turned down. We think this was because they tried to exagerate and then the assesers (sp) didnt believe any of it.

I have included lots of letters that my doctor printed out for me with results, neuro’s notes and referrals all on them. I know they will contact them all anyway but thought it might help.

I have read people saying to explain you worst day but on the forms I have explained these and then it asks on average how many days per week is this. Most of my worst days happen about 4-5 days per week so this might go against me as its not all the time. The night time problems are every night though.

Any idea how long it takes to get an answer?

I volunteer in the CAB two days a week, I have assisted in filling the dreaded DLA forms, and it can be difficult being truthful, because I personally like to try and ignore the stuff that is going on rather than mention it, and i have found that folk that are in need of this assistance have similar issues, i had a lady in last week who has been denied Attendance Allowance twice, now she is walking with a stick yet on the forms completed there is no mention of her using a stick, so advice would be get a seperate set of eyes to help you fill in the form, when I applied i got my MS nurse to assist. I have assisted people using her technics, it is not a nice form but if you have some help it can make it so much easier


sign up to Benefits and Work site - it costs around £20 but it has exhaustive excellent advice on filling in these tricky forms. It is the best advice you can get.