Hi, my walking and balance are poor and I struggle with stairs, although I can (usually) manage the ones in the house, if I have to. My bedroom is downstairs, upstairs are the children’s rooms, spare room and bathroom. I only really go upstairs once a week to tidy these rooms. But once I get there I struggle with the Hoover so…I’ve just employed a cleaner, two hours a fortnight. Yesterday was the first day, she hoovered the stairs and all the upstairs rooms, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, wiped the skirting coming down the stairs and in the hallway downstairs, cleaned all the downstairs windows, hoovered the downstairs bedroom, cleaned the downstairs bathroom as well.

She was great, good job done, the only thing is that when I had to do these jobs myself it encouraged me to go up the stairs, now that there’s not much incentive, I’m worried that I just won’t go upstairs at all and that’s not good for me. Suppose I should just stand at the bottom ad do the bottom stair a few times. But, I feel that now I am just going to give up totally on the stairs. Maybe it’s not important but it feels a bit like giving up. Anyway I’ve rambled on a bit.


Make it your task to check that your cleaner has done a good job upstairs, that way you will have the excercise.

Jan x

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is right and I use to have a cleaner when i was fit, irronically hubby wants to do it himself so i do the small stuff and if she is only coming in for a few hours there will still be small stufff especially if you have kids


Obviously, you need to keep safe, but stairs are an excellent form of exercise and better to use them occasionally, if you can. Good move about the cleaner though.

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Everyone needs a supervisor lol , so you still need to tackle them stairs, once she’s settled in & feeling her feet, she could just be up there having a crafty fag. Lol

If you have children up there in their rooms, I can absolutely guarantee that you will still find a reason to go up there!!

I have a cleaner once a fortnight. Best thing I ever did. You’ll get used to it very quickly.

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