What do you do to get yourself "up" when feeling "down?"

Hi All,

Me again, Anne.

My moods seem to be swinging enormously these days. I have always been able to be “chipper”. However, I find this increasingly difficult, even with strong anti-depressants.

Today, my mood got blacker and blacker as the day went on. I am on my own today and usually more than happy with my own company.

Walking has not been good today and it makes you think about what the future holds? Now, I think it is best to plan for the worst and hope for the future. So I don’t think that is what was making me “down”.

I was jusat wondering what others do to bring their mood up? I am not talking about severe depression which I suffer from. Just the “down” days that we all have.

Would be interested in hearing your views and maybe we could help one another by exchanging ideas.

Night once again,



Hi Anne, nice to see you on here but sorry to hear you are feeling so down.

When I get days like that there’s two things which help. One is using mindfulness so that I’m not thinking of the past or the future. When those thoughts come into my head I bring myself back to the ‘now’. Not always easy but actually it does get easier with practise. Some people wear a rubber band on their wrist and when they notice their mind has wandered into negative thoughts they ping the rubber band. That might be worth a try.

The second thing I do is make myself as cosy as possible. Nice warm dressing-gown, cup of tea or hot chocolate, and something nice to watch on the telly. Nice old film or one of my favourite DVDs. And I eat what I feel like and not worry about it.

There is actually a 3rd thing that helps as well. I think about how I would treat someone who was feeling how I feel. I would be very kind to them. I would suggest nice things to do or to watch, or nice music to listen to. I would offer them nice things to eat.

Then I treat myself in the same way. So think about what you would do for someone feeling down, and then do it for yourself.

I hope that helps.

Thinking of you Anne…remember you are not alone. We are all here with you.

Pat xx

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Hi Anne

I have suffered from depression for years but the meds do help. I’m one of those really irritating people who never gets bored. I’ve always got something to keep me busy - don’t get me wrong, I’m not always productive but I potter about. I find when I’m forced to sit still due to pain, fatigue, the wobbles etc I get irritable and I suppose down as well.

It’s then that I watch a DVD or something I’ve recorded off the tv. I also play games on my kindle or DS, and I try to do soduko puzzles. I used to be really good at crossword puzzles but I get frustrated with them now as I struggle finding words. If I’m up to it I like going into my sewing room and pottering either planning my next project or just sorting all my bits and pieces out. I’ve recently started colouring in a bit too.

I think you need to find something that you enjoy doing no matter how silly it is, but preferably something that is productive when you’re feeling low as you see results at the end of it. Hope you find something that appeals to you.

Cath x

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Hi Anne

I normally snuggle up in my chair with a hot drink, and either do some knitting, reading or watch something I like on the telly. My little dog seems to know, cos he snuggles up with me, bless him.

Whatever you enjoy doing, that’s the time to do it, be extra kind to yourself, chocolate always seems to help as well.

Pam x

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Hi im a newby to the forum but i find the frustration of not being able to do things get me down,so i sit and do things i can do.I used ice cakes but now i cant but i make cards instead,They might not be brilliant but i enjoy doing them.Im sat a lot so this tablet has been aa godsend .If all else fails like the others say get cosy have a cuppa and watch a


Cath we bought Heathers sister a colouring book for Christmas. We got a text the other morning evidently colouring in the middle of the night is the way forward.

Pam chocolate is the answer to everything



Hello Anne. I watch my birds, I have a downstairs bedroom and I lie in my bed and look out of the window we have bird feeders hanging from the tree i find it always lifts my mood to watch the sparrows and blue tits and the occasional robin, Michelle

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Hi Anne

Like Michelle, I like to watch the birds on the feeders. Upstairs I sit in my wheelchair at the window of my den and look out over the back garden. Downstairs I sit in my armchair and watch the feeders in our small front garde. I also watch the world go by here, and often get a cheery wave from passing neighbours. Just try to empty my mind, really, I call it ‘floating’.


Anne depression is awful and I always say my most important tablets are my antidepressants. I love watching the birds in the garden they are always fun. Heather came into me today saying the wind was so blowy the parakeets were being blown in circles round the washing line. That cheered me up even though I have been in bed for a few days.



Hi many moons ago l just loved to walk on the beach now we go for a wheel and walk along the prom when its not to cold. very cold east riding today, wrap up warm xx Jan xx

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Hi Jo and welcome to the board!

You’ve found the best place ever for support, advice and friendship.

Look forward to getting to know you,

Pat xx

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Good morning, well sometimes I just try and absorb the down and wait for it to pass. If I can get out, I try to, even a drive and a change of scenery is good. I also like a scooter along the prom when I can, and at least I can see the beach and breath in the sea air, woolie hat and gloves a must.

also, like hoppity, any chocolate or similar yummy of choice is always good.

I remember along time ago when I was young and unemployed, and getting a little despondent, my dad said to think of one thing, however small, to be done that day and then do it, you would feel better afterwards. Dad, of course, was right and I felt that I had at least achieved one thing. I think the same principle applies, so whatever your difficulties, maybe think of one small thing and try and achieve that. Remember, sometimes getting up, or getting dressed, or reading a bit, or making something, or talking to someone is a really big thing, so whatever suits you xx


Hi we have some small birds nesting in the gutter at the house opposite i get so much pleasure Iooking at them .they brighten my day if i feel a bit down.Also my grandchildren when they come,its a bit mad but they make me laugh. Jo .xx

Hi Jo

Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing you here.

This forum is so helpful whether you want to ask questions, let off steam, or just want a general chat.

Pam xx

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Hello Anne.

I always try to do something creative. I may draw or write. Sometimes I try to remember a thread of thought that was keeping me up in the wee small hours and write that down. I also find reading extracts from this book very uplifting. There is also a web site with them in it.

Big hugs and best wishes, Steve. x

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Hi Anne,

I was given a book last year during a very low patch and it helped me enormously.

It was called Stop Thinking Start Living by Richard Coulson, it’s available from Amazon and I can highly recommend it.

Hope you’ll soon be feeling brighter,

Nina x

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Well. That is all so interesting! Thank you so much to each and everyone of you. I will be Tring all of them. After a very low patch, especially last night, the old mood swing is on the up. Feeling a little better today. In no small part to you my friends. I hope this thread may help others too. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are. Anne X

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You’ve had some really interesting replies, I love watching the birds too. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better Anne, and that things start to look a bit brighter for you.

Welcome to the board Jo and I hope we see a bit more of you. This forum has been a godsend for me and I hope you benefit from it as I do.

Take care everyone and wrap up warm.

Cath x

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Well - the sun is shining today - hard frost - so looks beautiful outside. l am going out on my Tramper - with the dogs -give them a good run over the fields. So l have just taken my B-12. l use Natures Bounty 5000mcg sublingual liquid. Just put 1ml - under my tongue and leave it to get absorbed - about 1 min. lt really boosts my energy levels. Do it everyday - sometimes twice if l feel l need it. l also take Super Stress B Complex Vitd3/K2 Magnesium - and l am also on Biotin./Thiamine. Makes such a difference to my mood/brain/energy levels.

Just google- Thiamine and MS

B12 deficiency MS

D3 deficiency MS

Thanks for that Space jacket will look into it. Anne X

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