when your feeling down

Tell yourself there is always someone who is worse than yourself. If everyone had that attitude there be alot less people feeling sorry for their sevles and the world would be a happier place. I know its not easy suffering with ms but who said life is easy. You just got to make the most of things and get on with it. Stay POSITIVE everyone.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I know it can sound a bit trite, and sometimes it’s oh sooooo hard to do!

But I keep thinking what my poor dad went through: an awfully aggressive cancer, with very little available treatment, very poor response to pain relief, and above all, NO HOPE.

He knew from the moment he was diagnosed that it would inevitably be fatal, and that it would be downhill all the way (this is not true of ALL cancers, or even all aggressive cancers, by the way, before I frighten everyone - just the particular b*stard he had).

I know MS is similarly incurable, but at least I’m not sitting here thinking I might have 18 months, if I’m lucky, and having to put my affairs in order, and say goodbye to loved ones…

I don’t know how it’s possible to cope with knowing you won’t make it. At least I’ve been spared that so far.



Wise words-easier said than done.

However, it is possible. You can make yourself feel better by giving to another-whether that be a smile, a thought, a letter or phonecall/text.

Regular users of the old board will know that a book called 29 Gifts helped change my perspective on life. (Its written by a woman who has MS-easily found in a search)

Have a good day all

Ellie x

When I feel down I think there are others worse of than me out there.

But the smallest of things cheer me up when I think about my first set of crutches with arthritic handles.Made me walk again.This smallest of gifts made me smile and think I am lucky.

When someone treats me like the adult I am instead of I must be brainded as I am disabled.

Many many things cheer me up,life is not all bad and I love to laugh at myself,if only you knew what I called myself and the jokes I make about myself you would be amzed I will not quote any as some people maybe offended.


Hi all, life’s not a bed of roses, there is a lot of suffering in the world and , despite my ms, I guess I am really quite lucky with what I do have. Sometimes it’s hard but I do like to be positive, of course, I have down days, everyone has, but a positive attitude, a laugh and a smile definitely help me. Cheryl:-)