What colour are your feet?

Hi all,

I had a surprise in the shower this morning. I noticed that my right foot, the one on my ‘bad’ leg, is a tiny bit darker than my left foot. It’s darker in a subtle, slightly blue-ish purple-ish way. Not that it looks bruised: it’s just a darker kind of pale.

Has anyone else noticed this?

The foot and ankle often swell up if I’m immobile for a day, so I guess it’s a case of poor circulation affecting the colour of the skin.


Chris I think mine as the same but I don’t know. I will have to check

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Depends if I’m sitting or standing. The colour of my feet can range somewhere between white, pink and purple

It doesn’t necessarily mean the circulation that pumps the blood to all your vital organs is not doing it’s job, it could be due to the smaller veins in the extremities

I’m impressed with the spell checker

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Hi Chris, a few years back a read a book of emails between a bunch of American women who had MS. Sorry Chris I can’t use return on here for some reason… the curser goes back to before the Hi Chris… so this will be a chunk of text. Anyway I remember one of the women saying one foot was a different colour than the other… much darker pink… she saw her neuro and he said it’s an MS thing. The brain isn’t sending the messages to the capillaries so the blood doesn’t flow properly in those tiny blood carriers under the skin. Yes Chris another MS thing… but at least this might put your mind at rest that it’s not something else going on. Better the devil you know… etc… wish this damn site would fix all these bugs! Bye for now… Pat xx


Does your dodgy foot tend to get cold much quicker? This was certainly the case with me until ccsvi a couple of years ago, which suggests it is a circulation problem. A session on the power plate always used to warm up my extremities nicely, although the effect didn’t last terribly long.

Try elevating the foot higher than the heart to help reduce swelling.

Pat, are you using an iPad? I have the same problem with the curser returning to the beginning instead of a new line. Also if I delete text my screen sometimes freezes. Very frustrating.

Jan x

Both my feet get cold or hot equally, but the dodgy one gets more swollen and if my shoes are even a tiny bit tight it starts to burn and hurt like hell until I take the shoe off and move about a bit. Keeping my feet up helps keep the swelling down but, annoyingly, encourages the burning feeling. It’s all kind of weird and random.

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Hi Jan, yes I’m using ipad and have the same problem if I delete. All very frustrating. I mean I don’t have problems with ipad on any other site at all. I know they’ve been very apologetic about the problems but it’s is going on a bit. And let’s face it ipad didn’t just appear on the scene yesterday. Rant over… enjoy your evening… Pat xx

Thanks for that, I’m relieved it isn’t only me I was beginning to think the problem was with my iPad.

Jan x

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I generally have my white foot (normal one) and the red one (stone cold).

I asked my GP about a doppler (sp?) test as they were so different - he checked the pulses in my ankle and foot and said they were perfectly strong. He said he’d book the test IF I wanted it but he believed it was nerve damage.

I make sure that I put a sock on even if I don’t generally feel cold, I just know I want to avoid chillblains etc.

Sonia x