Asked About Bluish Ankles

Hi Everyone

While I was at my neuro appt yesterday I asked why my ankles had turned a bluish colour and was told that as my mobility had worsened and walking had reduced the blood in my feet was not being drained properly and was leaving a bluish colour which is known as blood pooling. At least I know what it is now.

She said it should improve if I exercise my feet and calves while sat down.

Thought I would let you know as I know a few of us suffer with this.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie i get this and also fluid retention in my ankles, i find rotating them helps i do the rotation twice or 3 times a day,also i try to get on my exercise bike when i can that helps a lot i only manage 5 minutes a time but its suprising how much it helps

J x

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Thanks for this. I have discoloured ankles. Will wiggling my feet and exercising my calves while seated ever get them back to normal do you know?

Thanks J and Flowerpot.

Yes, she said there is an artery behind the calf that deals with the feet, which makes sense if we are not moving as much.

I went on my exercise bike yesterday for 10mins, which is all I can manage and the blueness almost disappeared.

she said to not worry as it is common and an MS thing. Phew. I must admit I was relieved. I was worried it was something much more serious. Not saying that MS is not serious.

Shazzie xx

Yes, my cold foot is RED, it just looks wrong

Sonia x

Mine started a sort of red Sonia. Now it is a bit blue. The exercise bike does help though.

Hope you are doing ok.

Shazzie xx

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