What car next? They don't make Ford Fusions any more...!

Motorbility has just contacted me to say my car is due for replacing in 3 months and it’s time to look around for another chariot! My problem is, I have a Ford Fusion and am told they no longer make Fusions!!

I have a mobility scooter, and a 2 way hoist that lifts it into the car. It took some working out finding a car big enough to fit both hoist and scooter so I know the Fiesta and Focus aren’t “tall” enough to fit the hoist etc!

So does anybody have any suggestions for a car as tall as the Fusion but not enormous as I have to fit i tinto quite a tight parking area! (or shall I just extend the lease d’you think?)

Any advice much appreciated!

quaqai by nissan is a very good car,i had 1 of them but changed to focus since step was to hi to get in,friend is getting a hyundai x30,and she has hoist etc ordered

I can vouch for the quashqai! I have a 2ltr automatic and I love it! Seats are at ‘bum’ height so entry and exit is much easier for me. The boot is deceptively huge with good height!! It also drives and handles well for a larger car! I would certainly recommend taking one for a test drive. Mike.

Hi, have you seen the Focus estate,?

We have decide to have one as the new focus boot is smaller than

the one we have at the moment.


If you have low mileage

(Sorry I can’t remember the limit but think it is under 12,000 miles)

You can extend the lease on your present car for either another 12 or 24 months


I love the Honda Jazz. I used to have a Ford Focus, but the Jazz is much better - smaller, easier to park, easier to drive, much more economical (if you drive an automatic it’ll be much better than the Fusion), and makes very good use of its small space. In the Focus I couldn’t fit both my wheelchair and walking frame without taking the wheelchair apart. The Jazz has got a smaller boot in terms of volume, but the way it’s designed means I can fit both in without taking the wheelchair apart. It’s also much nicer looking than the Ford Fusion :slight_smile:

Other cars that are similar in size are the Renault Grande Modus, Nissan Note and the Vauxhall Meriva.

Hope you find the right solution.


What about Ford cmax and smax? would they be any good?

S-max is best MPV out have used one on motability for last 3 years no longer need the size so replacing with C-max which is newer and cheeper.(deposite and fuel) But as a replacment for the Fusion How culd you forget its replacment in the ford range the excelent new B-Max. I havent checked wether it will be big enough but to replace the Fusion the logical choice is either the B-max or move up to the new C-max.

I have a Vauxhall Meriva which I find really comfortable. It is about Fusion size. I would say avoid the petrol version, they do not get anywhere near the listed fuel consumption.

Sad about the Fusion, it always seemed a functional vehicle, if a little unglamerous.