New Car?


I have a Vauxhall Antara through Motability - I chose this car because it has a higher seat, making it easier to get in and out of, and the boot is big enough to put my dog into.  It'll be getting changed in April, but for various reasons (primarily financial), I don't want another of this model, or even another Vauxhall - my main priority is the size of the boot, and I'll just have to cope with a lower seat in a normal estate car, which is what I'll be able to afford.  I'm looking at this now so I've got time to save up whatever money I'll need to put down in April, and I've been thinking about a Ford Focus Estate, because I think the new models look slightly higher up than other cars, and I know I like driving them (used to work in the car hire industry) - can anyone suggest anything else to look at, I can't put down more than £1000.


Luisa x


Have you thought about looking at an MPV? They'll usually have a big boot and a seat that's higher than normal cars. If you go to the Motability website they've got a search engine to search for cars, and you can specify any conditions you need like the type of car, the maximum advance payment, if it's a manual or automatic etc. 

Hope that helps


You could try a Nissan Note. No additional top up needed. Seats are quite high up. Dan’s advice about visiting motability web site is excellent. R

Thanks for your suggestions

L x