New Motability Car

I had extended the lease on my motability car by an extra two years, so i had had it for five years in total, anyway, that was it , I had to get a new car, which I picked back in October. Yesterday I went to pick up my new car. I was so nervous, I don’t really like fancy new things and I am a quick decision maker, so when I went to pick the new car in October, I only looked in one garage and picked the car on my one and only visit to that garage. I was a bit worried that I had picked the right car. My main problem is getting into the car, I’m fine driving with hand controls, and I’m not nervous driving. My husband went with me to pick the car up yesterday, he helped me into it, I got out ok myself when I parked at the house. I’ll have to drive it to work on Monday but there is a lovely man who works beside me, he told me not to worry at all and when it was time to come home he would make sure I got into the car ok. Any way, a bit of a long winded post but all in all, I’m happy with it and think I chose quite well. I think I’ll be ok so a bit relieved about it. Btw, it is a Vauxhall Astra tourer, it’s got a big boot(so I can get the wheelchair in) Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

You picked a good little car; it will serve you well.


hi cheryl

i like the astra and nearly chose one for my motability car but ended up with a kia

the astra comes in some lovely bright colours too

have fun in it.

carole x