Motability Help, Please.

Hi All

Hope everyone is as well as can be.

Our car has finally given up the ghost and is not worth repairing :cry:
I have emailed Motability to send me all the relevant information, so
until that arrives can you offer any help as to how we go about getting
a car. I have PPMS and I am in receipt of high rate mobility.
I do not drive so my partner will be driving it.

He went to have a look at a couple of different car showrooms today,
1 was Vauxhall, but he said the cars he looked at the sills were all
really high from the floor, and he seems to think I would have problems
getting in and out, I have lost the use of my right side, and my left side is
not 100%, and he has to swing my legs in and out when making
a journey anywhere.

Take care all
Jacky x