Motability Car Purchase

Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of purchasing their motability car from motability at the end of the 3 year period? I ask because I am in coming up to the end of my 3 year agreement period and I quite like the car I have and it has been removed from the current list.


Charlie, in some circumstances you can extend the lease for another year or two by which time you might be happy to change tha car. Phone Motability and they’ll give you details.


My OH ( who is disabled but not an MSer ) purchased his Motability car 2 years ago on a 4 year deal - he gets a few pounds a months surplus out of his allowance each month which helps towards insurance. One nice surprise is that we got the bonus money that you get paid if you return the car in a condition that meets certain standards - we weren’t expecting that as we obviously hadn’t returned the car!

The process has been pretty smooth and we have no regrets so far. She has just sailed through an MOT and at least we will own her outright in a couple of years time.

Hi Tinga

Is it OK if you give some of the details of the deal your OH had? I looked into buying my one now, and have been given the price (which, to be honest, is pretty steep compared to what I’ve seen second hand), but I thought I’d just have to pay it in one lump sum - I didn’t realise there were other options of how to purchase it.



No, we bought ours using motability finance -they take the money automatically out of OH’s mobility payments each month and he gets paid the few pounds over and above that. OH says that they only offer you a one off cash price quote initially so you have to ask them if there is a finance scheme available as you would like to pay this way if possible - they don’t volunteer the information ( or at least they didn’t for us ). They gave OH a few different quotes depending on how long we wanted to have the finance over - we opted for 4 years. Well worth ringing them to ask, anyway. OH thinks we did have to pay a deposit payment up front - he cant remember how much though but doesn’t think it was a large sum, otherwise we couldn’t have afforded it!

Great, thanks for the info. I’ll give them a call then & see what the options are.