buying a mobility car after the 3 years

Hi folks, has anyone bought there mobility car after the 3yrs are up? Need to buy a new car & trying to choose how to do it. So far i have always bought a car but am now considering a mobility car. Just wanted to know what you do about buying it after your lease is up if i decided to do that.


I nearly did this a while back, it sounded quite easy. I just phoned up motability and they told me a price over the phone. No negotiation, that was the price. But it seemed expensive for a three year old car, so I didn’t go for it and got a new motability car instead. Cheryl:-)

Hi, I`ve never had a motability car, but imagine it woud be wiser to keep changing the car ever 3 years. If you did buy one after the 3 years, it my need work doing that is very costly.

Hope you receive more anwers to your post.

luv Polx

My folks looked into this a while ago when their lease was coming to an end. They were quoted a figure which they thought was way too high. The car went to auction and my sister bought it for £3000 less than motability quoted. Go figure!

Yup; as everyone says I had an Escort Estate Auto and after 3 years wanted £9,500; yeh right. Even in the Glasses Guide an immaculate condition one that old at that time was £8000; no way Houssay.


I see you posted this (motobility car…) on the 11th which was my Birthday No…there wasn’t a RED Ferrari in the driveway …How far does the Motobility component of DLA stretch anyway?



i just got the latest brochure sent to me because mine is up in may.

most of the cars just cost the mobility component of DLA but others are available for an additional lump sum.

mercedes = a one off payment off £500 and then the mobility component of DLA

there is also a nice looking audi and even an alfa romeo

i’m not a flash harry (harriet) so will probably go for a ford or a vauxhall

carole x

Car mobility is a technology for car industry. Here the article says that mobility car can be purchased after 3 years. The technique is used to run a car for a long time. So the lifespan of the engine will increase. Old car is generally preferred by those people who are unable to buy brand new one. This mobility car is very affordable to those people. Buy a old car is not easy. you have to follow certain steps. Old car dealers are not faithful to the customer. So before buy you have to plan properly. The main thing is the engine. If the condition of the engine is good, then the car will run next 3 years.