can i buy my mobility car

hi everyone now that the benefit from hell has been released on us ,i need to seriously think about my the moment i have a mobility car which is due to go back in march 2014 at the moment i have an indefinite award but i know that means nothing now.we live in leeds so i,m unsure of the pip timetable for here.i need a car (hubbie drives it) or i will be stranded.i know when i get called in i will most likely loose the higer rate mobility despite my mobility gp says i shouldn,t worry about it but i do and i need to be prepared.can i buy my current mobility car as this is ideal for me.and if so how can i go about it.i want to get something organised before the axe any help and advice would be appreciated.

take care everyone out there xxx

Hi Mistymoo!

It’s probably worth talking to Motability (…who supplied the car in the first place) to see what the possibities are.

I’ve only spoken to them once so far, but they were very helpful and seemed to go out of their way to assist. Definately worth talking to them!

I’m sure that you can buy the car from Motability.

However don’t forget that the DLA-PIP transfer is from OCT 2015 onwards.

Personally I would go for the new car in 2014.

I am in a similar situation, having just under 2 years on my contract.

Motability have said that people can buy their car if they lose their entitlement. It was in the last news letter from them.

If you are on an indefinate award the earliest you will be assesse is October 2015.


Yes, you can buy a notability car, I nearly did a few years ago but the price they quoted me (which was non negotiable) was , in my opinion, very expensive for what the car was, I.e. I thought I could have got cheaper by looking for a good deal on another car. But ask motability for a price and see what you think. I’m on dla indefinitely, I’m not goin to worry, I’m just going to get a new car when it is due for renewal early next year. Btw do you know that you can extend the lease on a car. Cheryl:-)