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I am reaching the end of my 3 year lease of a motability car and have (foolishly) signed up for another which arrives shortly but which requires an advance payment of around £500… I needed a bigger car for running my teenagers to university with all their stuff. I believe that DLA is disapperring but if one then receives the mobility part of PIP? you can use it for a motability car. I am also aware that many people have to appeal to get the right money. So… if I end up with no DLA and appealling re PIP will motability take my car away even if there is just a short time without the right benefits? And will my £500 disappear too? I think I read a tale on this site of someone who wrongly lost DLA and motability took their car and they lost their advance payment and had to pay an advance payment again for another car. I realise this is all ‘what if…’ and in the future but I am really worried about it. Any ideas?

Sorry gerbilroyd… don’t know… but from what I can tell nobody does know. Don’t think even those Posh Boys who call themselves the Government really know. I saw something on either facebook or twitter recently about the thousands of people who might be losing mobility scooters when they change to PIP… but really it’s all guess work at the moment.

So for now I guess it’s a case of waiting to see just how ruthless they are going to be.

Try not to worry until there is more definite news. Also remember that the change over starts next year but I’m assuming it will take a few years to assess everybody (as it is with ESA assessments).

I don’t think you have been foolish. Under the current rules you have done the right thing.

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Pat x

Hi gerbilroyd, contact the MS Society, they have lots of money available for exactly that issue. Certainly, in my knowledge, they should be able to support you with the deposit without much of an issue.


I’m due to get my new Motability car at the end of Sept. I worried about it as well, we also put down a deposit. From what ive read, if you are on indefinite DLA we will be among the last ones to be assessed for PIP. So I’m trying not to worry about it too much, they are running behind schedule for Universal Credit, so I wouldnt be surprised if it happens to PIP as well.

Enjoy your new car I’m going to. Lyn x

Whoops I meant I’ll going to enjoy my car as well lol. Lyn x

Now don’t quote me on this because I haven’t verified it yet.

I am having to change my mobility car early because the current car no longer meets my needs. Motability told me that I wouldn’t get the good condition bonus under these circumstances. However I have been told by a reliable source that you can claim back the pre-pay, pro rata.

I have only had the car a year so if I can claim back 2/3 of the deposit it will be very nice thank you. BUT that’s just somebody telling me, I’ve not confirmed it with Motability yet. Plan to ring them on Monday.

I’ve posted this here because the original poster was worried about loosing their deposit if PIP messed up their eligibility. Perhaps if you have to turn in your car early under these circumstances you too would get a proportion of the pre pay back.

I’ll post again on Monday when I have a definitive answer.