Motability and PIP


My lovely motabilty car is coming towards the end of its 3 year term, it is due to go back to Motability in March. I have still not been sent anything from the DWP re converting my higher rate DLA to PIP.

Anyone else been in this situation? I really can’t afford to pay an upfront payment and then have the car taken away from me, I also don’t want to spend ages looking and arranging time with dealerships if Motability are not going to progress any new car without the PIP decided. Is it possible to extend the current lease until a time the DWP get off their bottoms and send me what I need/they want etc? Time is running out, new car lead times and adaptions will probably push me to the end of the lease time even if I am able to progress.

Any thoughts? Will give Motability a ring in the first instance I suppose.


This is on the Motability site, but you can always just call and ask them, as you say. "I am due to renew my vehicle – should I wait until I’ve been invited to claim for PIP before I start a new lease? As long as you have 12 months of your current DLA award remaining, there’s no need to delay placing your new order. If you lose the allowance during your lease, we will make arrangements for the return of the car. However, you will only pay the cost of the lease until the car is returned, not for the remaining length of the lease. If you paid an Advance Payment, this will be refunded to you on a pro rata basis. If you have less than 12 months remaining on your award, or you are currently going through a PIP reassessment, you can extend your current lease until you are re-awarded your allowance. Further details will be included in the letter which is sent to you three months before the end of your lease.