Vehicle lease with enhanced pip rate

Hi. I just received my pip cert. And was thinking of leasing a vehicle from a car dealer. Anyone has a relevant experience? Do you just go to the car garage and show your cert. And choose a vehicle?

If you go to you will find everything you need to know about the Motability scheme. Only dealers who are members of the scheme can lease you a vehicle, but there are plenty to choose from. Phone for an appointment with the Motability representative at the garage you choose. Look at two or more garages to see what is available. Make sure that the car you pick is suitable for your level disability. Adaptations can be made. Please come back here if you have any other questions as there are plenty of Motability customers here. Regards, Anthony

Thank you very much! I already arranged yo speak to a motability adviser at my local car dealer :wink:


Well done getting a good PIP result!

I went to the Motability One Big Day in Manchester which had loads of cars and equipment. Don’t think there are any on soon.

If you go to the Motability site go to CARS/SCOOTERS then do car search. Click on anything you need and it will give you loits of choice. It’s really good.

Think about what you need now but also what you might need in three years time when your lease ends. Is your MS progressing? I got an automatic as left foot has foot drop.

I also have a mobility scooter I bought myself so got a hoist fitted.

Any equipment fitted before you collect the car is a fraction of the price if you get it later in the lease.

As DWP in effect pay for the car I paid for a few extras like heated steering wheel - I have Reynauld’s and it has been worth every penny.

Happy hunting.


Found One Big Day Peterborough 8th September

If you live anywhere near I’d highly recommend you go. You can look at loads of cars, test drive some too and adaptions.


Thanks Jen, Yea my disease is progressive. I have no idea where I end up in 3 years time, but im starting masters degree soon so i will need something to tale me to uni. I have already booked an appointment for Monday. As for scooter, i would absolutely love to use the scooter, that way i could stay outdoors for longer and explore different places, but im 29 years old, normal looking man(when sitting) so im a bit too shy to use a scooter in public. I just stick with the crutch for now and pretend i have an injury. Thanks for ur comment :wink:

Hi there,

Good luck in your Mobility Vehicle hunt. re: Scooter. Hey don’t in anyway feel bashful about being on a scooter. If your

condition warrants one, go for it.

I have ms & look perfectly normal from torso up… except I am legless almost and my only mode of transportation is a scooter.

My son of your age is off to do a masters also down here in Sussex.

Take Care.