Mobility scooter on motability scheme


I had a medium mobility scooter which has now broken and I am told by my local mobility shop that it isn’t really worth repairing.

They advised due to all the hills where I live that I would be better with a larger scooter.

The price of the scooters is freighting so I am considering leasing one through the motability scheme.

I know this works out more expensive in the long run but everything seems to be included so there won’t be any bills

I’m just wondering how many people recommend the motability scheme.


Hi Irons,

Think you said it all, but it is a worry-free way of getting a scooter car


If you rely on your money to live; forget it; get a cheapy from eBay.


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Hi Irons,

I lease a Mobility Scooter through the Motability Scheme and would recommend it providing you can meet the monthly payments.

I also have peace of mind that if it breaks down, there’s any wear and tear or it needs a Service doing that it’s covered and I only need to make a phone call and the rest they sort out.

There are different makes and models available depending on your personal needs and your financial circumstances. If it’s possible for you to get to your local Mobility Shop I would go and have a chat with them about it as I think that might help you decide.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi, Thanks for the replies. I have been in touch with my local mobility shop. After a few hours looking at different scooters I narrowed it down to two I liked. Luckily my local shop has both of them. So they are bringing them both to me to try and do a home assessment tomorrow. Thanks


Do you want to try a powerchair instead?

I got mine from NHS Wheelchair Services on prescription for 5 years - free - including service etc.,.

Quickie Salsa M2 - goes 6mph - really super to use. No worries mobility.

That looks really good. But don’t think my local health authority would give me one.