Thinking of getting a motability car for my daughte/carer to drive as my licence has been taken back as I am not safe to drive now.A Ford Fiesta holds my attendant wheelchair so thats a contender.Polo was too small.Larger cars will guzzle the petrol.Is anyone pleased with their car and can recommend a make and model? Recent MOT/service was very expensive and a few weeks later now has electrics problem which will cost same amount again.I really dont want to go back to using taxis again to get out although I don`t work as medically retired some years ago.Any advice appreciated,thanks.

Why don’t you look up the Motability website. It has all the info on the cars. You can make a short list and then go round the garages getting test drives until you find the car you both feel comfortable with. The dealers are usually very helpful and will deal with any questions you may have.


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Having had motability vehicles for last few years - most recent one adapted with hand-controls - I would suggest giving Motability a call. They’re very friendly and helpful and I’m sure they’ll be happy to discuss which vehicles would suit your circumstances best and how best to proceed.

So sad that I had to give up driving, but always found Motability (…and car dealers’ Motability reps) great to deal with !!

Definitely give 'em a shout !!


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Thanks all.We went to dealers this afternoon,trying to decide now between top of Corsa 1.4 range or a Fiesta Zetec,as a larger car would be guzzling petrol and harder to park.

Do also look at the second-hand market of motorbility cars. They are all low-mileage and well serviced. My friend always buys them. She has a lovely Toyota - little hatchback - automatic - very cheap road tax because it is so economical. l think she paid just under ÂŁ3000 for it. And it was only 3yrs old.


I can highly recommend the Honda Jazz. They’re great little cars. It’s a similar size to the Corsa, but they make very good use of the space. I used to have a Ford Focus but couldn’t fit my wheelchair & rollater in the boot at the same time. But I could with the Jazz, even though it’s a much smaller car. They also have a clever feature where the seat bit of the back seats (that your bum goes on) flip upwards. This then gives enough space behind the driver’s or passenger’s seats to put a folding wheelchair. Putting the chair there is loads easier than in the boot.

It’s easy to drive, very reliable, and the economy’s pretty good too. The CVT semi-automatic gearbox is very good, and if you can afford it they also do a hybrid.

If you want to ask me anything about it, then I’m very happy to help


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