Hi, just wondered if anyone else has advice over good cars for wheelchair users, I’m just about to get an nhs Quickie salsa mini 2 its been ordered and hopefully i’ll get it in January but the motability car we have has a hoist that isnt strong enough to take the weight of my new chair. We’ve been advised to end the contract early. It was due to be replaced in June. Ive been looking at the Ford Tourneo, either with a hoist or ramp, Lee thinks a ramp would be good on a day where i might be extra tired, because I won’t need to transfer, i’m not sure, I was feeling a bit claustrophobic when we tried the Caddy which is a very similar design, I suppose if we did get a car with a ramp maybe id get used to it, it hard thinking it all out, i hate “future proofing” but we will have to keep the car for about 5 years so although i don’t want to get worse i have to think it all out. Also we have the children and Frazer and different carers …it hurts my head thinking… should I be happy??? I want my battered van back that i had before all of this happened

Thanks Michelle and Frazer xx

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I can’t advise on the choice Shelly, but just want to empathise with you. Choices choices choices, and none of them are what we even are wanting to make, in reality. :frowning:

I am waiting for my allocated Quickie Helium which is being manufactured to my specifications in Germany at the moment… Was assessed in April but allocation and budget was in order of priority. Hubby and I were using my old Honda for the folding G-Lite Pro chair we have at the moment, but he began “future proofing” too. I was hearing "if you get worse and have a motorised chair…, or, “with winter coming you don’t want to be faffing about in the rain folding chairs into the boot”… So (we don’t get a Motobility car) he wasn’t satisfied until we/he, bought a used wheelchair Fiat Doblo, with a ramp. It also has a winch thingy in it, to attach to the chair with person in situ, should it ever be needed. I just shuffle in to the passenger seat, he takes charge of the chair and rolls it up and in. I’ve stopped driving now anyway. My right foot just isn’t doing what it should and I would be a danger. Not sure if I can afford hand controls. Must make enquiries.

I totally understand what you’re saying.

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Michelle I had a Tourneo Van and now Have a Caddy Maxi WAV yes it is odd in the back but it means I can now take the Quickie out rather than Heather having to push me. It has mad both of our lives better. I needed to get a WAV I was going to have a fall transferring into the Tourneo now it is just drive in and reverse out. I am sending you a message.


That should read Wheelchair accessible Fiat. frown