Hi - due to my wheelchair stowage top box breaking down after 3 years i am now in the unenviable position of starting to look for a new motability car.

Needing to retain my independance, i am again looking into drive from wheelchair cars even though they are well out of my price bracket. A loan from the bank will be the only way to fund the advance payment or crossed fingers for a lottery win tonight!!

I was advised to approach Motability charity to see if they would help but as i don’t work full time or part time didn’t meet their criteria on that score which seems a little strange to me as i quite wrongly assumed they help people with few funds.

Anyway, does anyone own a drive from wheelchair car? Can you give me any advice on what to look for? I’m already confused as i’ve found a Peugeot Impulse that would do the job via a car website which says it’s on the motability scheme but when i went online to check Motability aren’t listing it.

Oh my aching head!!

Merry Christmas one and all!


Hi Gill,

you might find some useful info at