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Any advice please over Wav cars , We have a Galaxy on the Motability scheme and have been advised to end the contract early and get a bigger car with a ramp, at the moment we use a hoist but my new chair will be much heavier. I will need room for the children and Lee or the Carer obviously driving it as I can’t anymore and of course me and the Wheelchair and Frazer.

Michelle x

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I was looking for something similar for a few months before getting exactly what I wanted - through eBay!

It was a five-year-old Volkswagen Caddy with electronically controlled drop tailgate and I can drive in as an upfront passenger using the power wheelchair.

It was an ex-motorbility scheme vehicle whose previous owner was upgrading when the lease ran out and then sold on by them to a reputable garage specialising in adapted vehicles.
New it cost more than £40,000 but with part exchange I paid nearer £12,000 and I/my wife are delighted as I would have hated the prospect of being in the backseat!

All in all a painless transaction.

Good luck.

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Hi, I would love one of these drive from wheelie cars!

Stephen`s positive reply is very encouraging.

You can buy a decent used drive from car from around £9 ish.

Have yourself a good google, as there`s tons of info and cars, both drive from and passenger, for sale in tinternet Michelle!

luv Pollx

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Thanks Stephen, i love the idea of being able to sit in the front with Lee, I cant afford to buy one but we are going to get a replacement Motability car and i will apply for the grant to cover adaptations I will be happy with anything that we can all fit into including Frazer (assistance dog)

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They look good Poll but I can’t afford to buy one i’ll just see what they recommend, there is a grant that you can apply to which may cover the adaptations and the down payment.

Michelle x

Michelle, try to get to one of the Motability Roadshows or the ‘One Big Day’ events. You’ll find all the specialist car converters there, and be able to try various models, ramps and gizmos. Also scooters and power chairs.



Also NAIDEX at the NEC: http://www.naidex.co.uk/

Naidex is brilliant for all aspects of disability aids, not just vehicles. Thoroughly recommended to all, if you can get there.

Not sure whether the upcoming events are soon enough for you, but hope it helps.

Kev x

Thanks Kev, The Manchester one would have been brilliant but I think it might be too late for me, our car doesn’t end the contract till July but we’ve been told to and it sooner because my needs have changed in that the wheelchair that I’ve been accessed for by the nhs is much heavier than my current one and the car we have on the scheme is too small. I wish I’d have gone to last year’s Manchester is very close to us about 20 miles away so it would have been ideal. Thanks anyway. Michelle and Frazer xx