Anyone got a drive from wheelchair wav?


Was looking into getting a car in the future through motability.

I am in a wheelchair and single and therefore need a drive from wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The advanced payment is c £12k, counts me out! I know you can get nearly new ones and they do operate a grant system but if these fail , is there anyway around it?


Hya, Sorry I don’t know… but suggest you post on EL as bigger group so more chance of getting someone who does know.

Good luck with it hon,

Pat x

Hi, i would like a drive from wheelie car…but cant afford one.

I know the conversion costs are astronomical. About 15k, ive heard! There are grants towards this, but even so, I reckon youd need a lot of dosh up front.

But I often look at used ones. I see some are around 6k, for a good low mileage, already converted car.

Have a look at the various web sites and see what you can find.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Hi there, just seen your post about a drive from wav, i have a v/w caddy had it about 3 yrs now all i had to pay was £200 it is through sirrus an excellent car its made my life message me if you would like details ivan.

Hi Ivan. Was your caddy a used one which was already converted to a drive from?

I understand to get a new car converted costs around 15K!

luv Pollx

Hi there, no it came through motability they were very good sirrus converted it an excellent car super to drive . ivan

Hi again Ivan.

I am totally gobsmacked that all you had to pay was £200. Did you get a grant from motability for the adaptation?

luv Pollx