PIP warning

Buried in latest Motability letter page a worrying change to current practice. At present Higher Rate DLA continues to be paid if you have a Motability lease and are in hospital for more than 28 days. Under PIP a hospital admission of longer than 28 days will result in cessation of PIP and Motability will expect return of the vehicle. Seems unreasonable.

Crazy. Will you lose vehicle and PIP forever?

I guess PIP would restart on discharge and you would have reorder another vehicle, seems crazy especially if a WAV.

Nuts. So you go to hospital for say a month and when you come out you have to reapply for PIP & to get your vehicle back… and at a time when you have been particularly unwell…

Once again they are not looking at how this will affect real people… (or in truth they just don’t care).

Pat x


Have you got the wording, cant find anything on this. Find it crazy that they would take your adapted car away after a month!!!

It does not make any sense!

See letter page in latest Motability magazine

Noticeably missing for main article onn PIPs’ impact in same magazine issue!!


Yes it does state that payments will be suspended, seems unfair, it is not as if you will be on your holiday having a great time!

Thankfully it does not state that the vehicle has to be returned, just that you need to contact them to make arrangements, presumably if you are likely to be in there for some time then that may happen.

As “arrangements” on loss of HRM and awaiting to appeal PIP decision is loss of the car , can you really be that optimistic, I’m not.

Take a look at the Disability Benefits Consortium response to the PIP consultation of last June:

"Under DLA an agreement with Motability means disabled people can retain vehicles/scooters etc even if in hospital for 28 days in any 365 day period. Under PIP the Government intends for this support to be removed.

Whilst most people will not perhaps receive inpatient care in any given year, it seems likely that, for the 56% of people with four or more health conditions receiving DLA, hospital stays could form part of routine life. Under the current plans however, even needing 3 days of inpatient care per month would see access to a Motability vehicle lost every ten months – potentially requiring a reclamation of the vehicle by Motability and a whole new ‘revolving door’ of assessments for the disabled people affected having to seek PIP again and again."

This is taken from pages 4/5. If anyone wants the whole thing, I have a copy.

Needs to be checked out carefully.


Cor blimey , all very worrying, so many amended laws/regs that we may not be aware of, thank goodness for this site to alert us to some of them.

What total c**p, even at my most pessimistic these proposals are far too extreme. Why set up a program for patently unhealthy people who will often require inpatient treatmenrt that penalises them after so short a time.