Motability car?

Hi hope you are all as well as can be expected.

Can anyone tell me please if getting a new motorbility car can you ask/expect “incentives” from the dealer or is it not done?


In what way do you mean Hun? When you get mobility car, they take all your mobility allowance, but the only thing you pay for is petrol/diesel. Also depending on what car you get, you may have to pay a deposit xxx


I’d be very surprised if any extra incentives were on offer.

For goodness sake, the Motability scheme already covers insurance, tax, servicing, tyres, breakdown …what incentives did you have in mind?

As Shellie says, the only thing you have to shell-out for is fuel !!!


Oh dear, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to upset anyone

You didn’t upset me Hun, best thing I ever did. So nice to have no worries, although my first mobility car, it was 8months old and the engine blew haha, not funny really, but the service is amazing from start to finish, real easy. Deposits can get high depending on your car choice, but that is your choice. Example; 1st car, retail £14000, deposit £450 2nd car, retail £27000, deposit £1900 Hope that helps xxx

When I got my first Motabolity car, about ten years ago, one of the garages told me to request brochures from the manufacturers because they sometimes included vouchers for money off the up front payment, I did request brochures and got the aforementioned coupons with my brochures. So your question is not unreasonable. Not sure if they do this anymore or not tbh. Cheryl:-)

l never use my motability allowance for one of their cars. l have always found it too expensive. And l would rather have a bigger car. Had some wonderful secondhand buys - one previous owner/full service history. l get my road tax free - and as l have over 45yrs no claim my insurance is rock bottom. Just parted- sadly with my 25yr old Volvo Estate - never had any problems with it - such a economical car - built to last. When l work out the difference in cost - l am ‘quids’ in. Now l have a Subaru Forester - 4x4 automatic. Much needed where we live. And l only do 2.000miles per annum. lts 7yrs old - and has done 47,000miles. Cost £4250. And like the Volvo - twice round the clock- they go on for ever!

Now- some of my friends do buy ‘ex motability’ cars they are reasonably priced and low mileage. One friend has just purchased a Toyota Aygo - auto - 6yrs old and £3.250. This car has a very low road tax - for anyone who does not claim disability.

l have been disabled for 31yrs - so l do rely on the allowance.